How to Monetize YouTube for Your Business

Man watching videos online on tablet

In 2011, Rosanna Pansino started a YouTube channel to document her nerdy-themed bakes. She loved baking and video games so for years, it remained a fun side project. But everything changed in 2014.  Her “Nintendo Cartridge Cake” video went viral, with over 5 million views.  She decided to take the plunge and try to monetize…

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Not Your Average Influencer: B2B Influencer Marketing

a group of young influencers making content

Can you believe I am even saying that phrase?  “Average” influencer.  The concept of a social media influencer has been around since 2009 with the influx of bloggers and YouTube.  The term “Influencer Phenomenon” was actually coined that year.  However, the idea of influencing C2B purchasing has been around since 1760.  Google “Josiah Westwood” if…

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We Know How Influencer Marketing Works–And It’s Not About Celebrities

an influencer recording a video

We know how influencer marketing works and we know why it works.  Word of mouth continues to be the most powerful marketing tool available, which means influencer marketing is nothing new.  In the past, we called it “endorsements,” usually by paid spokespeople like recognizable figures and celebrities. The only difference between the endorsements of yesteryear…

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The Immense Influence of a Smile

It’s very basic…and it’s very powerful! There’s perhaps nothing more powerful in beginning a conversation, setting a frame, resetting someone else’s negative frame, or in overcoming an interpersonal challenge, than a smile. A warm, authentic, and genuine smile that emanates from your heart…from the inside out. Just as important, be willing to be the first…

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10 Small Business Ideas that Require Zero Capital

Thanks to the digital revolution, it’s now easier for anyone to start a business. There’s nothing more fulfilling than becoming your own boss and changing the world through entrepreneurship. Since no one is born an entrepreneur, you, too, can become one. According to Microsoft Inc, many studies have shown that for a small business the…

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How to Target Your Audience on Social Media During Covid-19

Have you lost your customers due to COVID-19? Are you aware of social media techniques to target more audiences and convert them into customers? In this post, I’ll let you know what you can do to expand your circle of audiences to offset sales cuts. How does COVID-19 impact businesses? COVID-19 has caused significant financial…

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