Embrace Intersectionality for a Thriving Workplace

an accessible workplace full of happy diverse employees

The workforce nowadays is made up of a diverse mix of people with different backgrounds and identities, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, and religion. Diversity and inclusion efforts aim to embrace this variety and ensure fairness for everyone. However, one important aspect often overlooked is how we embrace intersectionality. Intersectionality recognizes that…

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Seven Ways to Support Neurodiverse Staff on SSDI

a hand holding a neurodiverse themed ribbon

Employers today face an opportunity to tap into a diverse talent pool by supporting neurodiverse staff on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Neurodiversity encompasses a variety of mental and cognitive differences, and embracing it can lead to innovation and growth. Nurturing this talent requires more than goodwill; it demands concrete strategies to create an enabling…

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Strategies for Success: A Guide To Managing a Healthcare Facility

hands on a keyboard

In the demanding field of healthcare, effectively managing a facility not only ensures smooth operations but also significantly impacts the level of care provided to patients. With the healthcare landscape ever-evolving, facility managers must adapt and grow to meet these challenges head-on. Embracing innovative strategies and practicing proactive management can significantly contribute to a facility’s…

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How DEI Principles Can Improve Training & Prevent Workplace Accidents

In any organization, keeping employees safe and well-trained should be a top priority. Unfortunately, while organizational leaders may have the right intentions, putting this into practice is often easier said than done. Fortunately, there are key practices that can make one more effective in training employees effectively and preventing accidents in the workplace. Specifically, DEI…

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The Difference Between Diversity Training and Diversity Coaching

Diversity in the workplace is not a new concept, but it is becoming increasingly important to train and coach members of staff in this area. The models of diversity in the workplace have been in development since the 1960s and the benefits are plain to see. Businesses are blessed with better decision making and improved…

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The Importance of Employee Diversity for Small Business Growth

As the world continues to evolve, promoting diversity in a variety of contexts has become more and more important in society. In particular, levels of diversity in the workplace have increased dramatically over the last several decades. This transformation in society has brought with it a number of important benefits that are aiding businesses in…

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4 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Resources for Small Businesses

If companies of any size are serious about fostering a more positive culture and giving all employees a fair shot at success, they need to make diversity, inclusion, and equity (DEI) in the workplace a top priority. Proven results link a dedication to these core principles to greater productivity and the ability to recruit millennial…

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Why You Might NOT Want Your Workplace to Feel Like Family

game pieces representing a diverse team

Many organizations want to create a warm and supportive environment for their workers — in their own words, they want their employees to feel like a happy, loving family. However, for many workers, the phrase “one big family” used in recruitment materials is just one big red flag. While many might have fuzzy feelings associated…

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5 Tips on Establishing an Inclusive Work Culture

Businesses that embrace diversity have come to realize the benefits of the practice. With so many different viewpoints and past experiences, they can truly thrive by employing best practices. So far, so obvious. However, the other side of the coin is that too many different experiences suddenly joined together can implode to create a toxic…

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How to Use AI as a Force for Diversity


Why embrace diversity? As it turns out, diversity is good for business. The 20 most diverse companies in the S&P 500 achieve higher long term profitability than their less diverse counterparts. According to Vildan Stidham, Divisional VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Abbott, “[Diversity and Inclusion] can bring innovation, creative thinking, and different perspectives that…

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