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This Is Why We Blog

By: Ed Fox


With many ways to grow your small business, blogging might be low on your list of marketing initiatives. However, a well-executed blog can nicely complement your greater organizational objectives. Here are 4 reasons why a blog can help your business attract and engage a loyal consumer following

  1. Demonstrate Your Expertise
    Whenever you have the chance to communicate your knowledge on a particular subject in a clear and well-written format, you’ll give off an impression of how your business thinks as an intelligent entity. A blog can help you earn the respect of any reader who perceives your business an expert on a topic.
  2. Communicate Company News
    One of the primary topics discussed on a business blog is company news. Whether or not your primary objective for creating a blog is to inform people of what’s going on within your company, customers appreciate your willingness to present and discuss current and future project ideas.
  3. Communicate Industry Trends
    Using a blog to demonstrate your awareness of industry trends will convey that your business is confidently equipped to innovate and compete in a cutthroat economic environment. Moreover, people value their relationship with a company that is serious about improving and differentiating from the competition.
  4. Express Your Personality
    A company blog offers a unique opportunity to express your business’ personality. While most content should relate back to your business, don’t be afraid to demonstrate a passion beyond pitching your product or service. Engaging readers with interesting discussion will help build successful customer relationships. 
Maintaining a blog should be an enjoyable experience, so don’t feel obliged to write about topics that aren’t interesting to you. Embrace the opportunity to freely express your knowledge, your passions and, most importantly, your willingness to engage the customer. As such, your blog will be a nice addition to any marketing strategy.
Does your company maintain a blog and if so, how is it working out for you?
Published: August 15, 2013

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