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Redesigning Your Blog: Top 3 Pitfalls to Avoid

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It’s no wonder why people are moving from Flash to HyperText Markup Language (HTML) 5 for their websites or blogs. The fifth version of HTML not only supports text and links, but also multimedia enhancements such as video, audio, music, and graphics. Its features are fully developed, with no limitations so far. HTML5 is compatible with any browser (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer). It is predicted in the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) 2013 that this code would revolutionize the way we read online. HTML5 is also optimized for website and blogs, making it the go-to for site overhauls. But before doing that, here are some common mistakes made during site migration.

Tip #3: Prioritizing Form Over Function
Unique and memorable blog name. Check. Hi-definition videos with eye-poppingly amazing graphics. Check. Hi-res photographs? Check. Content? Huh? Remember, your content is what search engines optimize to get people to visit your awesome blog, not the design. If you lag in content, better get your team together to come up with attention-grabbing articles people are actually interested in. Or if your content is not up to par, hire some writers to craft content for you.
Tip #2: Purpose
It’s good to have a solid reason why your blog needs to be redesigned. A viable motive could be:
1) Revamp of the blog because it’s at least 10 years old.
2) It’s time to re-align the site to the company’s re-branded corporate image.
What’s worse is having no reason at all. This will earn you the ire of your clients because they pay you good money to make them visible on search engines. Once they see the new design, they will surely ask you for the reasons behind it, so you better have the necessary answers.
If you can’t give them a good explanation for the method to your madness, don’t do it. It’ll be a poor investment. Having a goal for editing a blog’s aesthetics is like a company moving towards a specific direction. Make sure you have one.
Tip #1: Lost Keywords
Probably the most annoying part of site migration is losing keywords, especially during HTML5 conversion. Moving from an old format to a new one could erase those valuable labels and cost you rankings on search engines. When crossing over formats, constantly check if the blog text is still the same. In doing this, your site won’t lose online presence and search engine traffic will remain the same.
With these three important tips, we hope you avoid these pitfalls when converting your blog’s structure from Flash to HTML5. Your website should be good to go once you’ve carefully navigated through these common errors. All the best in search engine optimization and getting the most views for your site!
Mishka Tolentino PicAuthor: Mishka Tolentino is a business student at University of Westminster. She is a freelance writer, web enthusiast and social advocate. She spends her free time listening to classical music and taking snapshots. Follow her on twitter @mishkatolentino.
Published: September 30, 2014

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