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PC Users Click More Email Than Mobile

By: Elaine Fogel


With so much attention paid to mobile marketing, it’s interesting that PC users click more email links than tablet and mobile device users. So says a recent study by MailChimp.

The reason could very well be that many emails and landing pages are not designed for mobile viewing. The study also points out that when campaigns have multiple links, those deeper in the email get fewer clicks, across all devices. In fact, the fifth link in a campaign was found to get roughly half as many as the first.
Other findings: 
  • Unique click rates for PC and tablet users are similar, but PC users who click tend to click more links per email than tablet users, resulting in a 6.7% total click rate for PC users and a 5.6% rate for tablet users.
  • Recipients who use mobile phones had unique and total click rates of 2.7% and 3.9%, worse than all other device categories.
  • Of the three platforms, PC users are more likely to click on an email, and those that do tend to click on a larger number of links within that email.
Email Engagement
So, what now?
In my opinion, no matter how responsive your site can be, it’s challenging for people to thoroughly research any site using such small screens such as on cell phones. Tablets are easier, depending on their size, of course.
There’s no fix for this that I know of right now. I’d like to see some research that shows which types of devices people use when doing online research. My guess? Desktops and laptops.
This article was originally published by Elaine Fogel
Published: January 21, 2015

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