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How to Rank on Facebook, Amazon, Apple and YouTube

How to Rank on Facebook Amazon Apple

Learning how to rank on these platforms can help with branding and sales.

In the competitive online market that we live in today, ranking for your products and services in online searches requires exposure on all the available platforms, not just Google and other search engines. Learning how to rank on Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and YouTube can not only generate targeted traffic but also generate awareness. They can boost your brand’s profile, helping Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines take notice of your brand, products or services.

Ranking on Facebook

With every social media page, there are two things you can do to boost your rankings: optimize the page for search engines and for internal search. Done right for Facebook, you can drive organic traffic to your FB page, and to your website.

It’s not difficult to rank for low-competition terms on Facebook. It’s as easy as creating a page and getting people to like it. But as you can imagine, this method is not repeatable. How many pages dedicated to a keyword can you realistically set up? Your best bet is to choose the most appropriate keyword for the purpose—easy to rank for but valuable for your business.

Apart from this quick win technique, proper care in setting up a Facebook page will go a long way in helping your brand rank on Facebook searches.

Steps to set up a high-ranking Facebook page.

  • Choose the most representative and appealing page name for your brand.
  • Upload a business logo and a profile pic that relates to the business.
  • Choose the right category for your page – local business, organization, product, etc. This is important, choosing the wrong category will hinder the ability of good prospects to find you.
  • Use Cover videos. Cover videos should be 20 to 90 seconds long.
  • Use the “Shop” tab.
  • Solicit reviews from customers.

These are steps that you’d expect every serious business to take. The differentiator however is the amount of engaging traffic that you generate. This happens when you have the right kind of content that elicits shares and positive engagements.

Improve Your Rank on Amazon

Ranking your product on Amazon can have an amazingly good effect on your business’s bottom line. Do you know that more people search for products to buy on Amazon than on Google? If you have a product listed on Amazon, you can’t neglect to do all that you can to rank for it and appear on Amazon’s search results. The Amazon algorithm serves the best results that answer the question “What products is the searcher most likely to buy?”

Three important, and common-sense driven factors, that influence ranking on Amazon search include reviews, image quality, and price.

If you’re new to Amazon, you may have to do adopt a calibrated approach with respect to pricing. Amazon uses predictive technology as well as browser responses to arrive at search placements for products.

Basically, if your product is selling more than others, you will rank high—under the “bestsellers” category. Price is the biggest factor when it comes to conversions. Sell a good product at a lower price than your competitors, and you’ll rank higher than the others.

If you’re offering variants, in color and size, of the same product then use Amazon’s parent-child product listings feature. It will allow you to acquire all the customer reviews for the different products on one page.

A clear title, bullet listing of features, and a proper product description contribute to higher engagement and lower bounce rates.

Getting Ranked on Apple

Ranking on the Apple App store can be great for your business. An app download, even if it’s a free app, is an opportunity to acquire valuable user data that can direct your marketing and lower customer acquisition costs.

Here too, there’s an algorithm at work, and it’s important to get on the right side of this algorithm if you wish to compete with the hundreds and thousands of apps that may be present in your niche.

Every app developer or owner has a basic objective—as many installs as possible. Visibility is key to getting more installs. In this case, it’s the good old on-site and off-site SEO that will yield the desired results for you.

Do the following to rank on Apple’s app store:

  • Use short keywords, 100 characters or less, for the app store listings.
  • Use suitable descriptions for the app title, 50 characters or less.
  • Try and use unique but relevant words in the app’s title.
  • Select the most relevant category.
  • The app description should be easy to grasp.
  • Begin by optimizing for low competition keywords.
  • Submit high resolution screenshots.
  • Tweak SEO for audience location—Asia, North America, Europe, etc.

Rank on YouTube

YouTube, by virtue of being a video sharing site, can be used in many ways to market your business. Successful YouTube channels have millions of subscribers and individual videos with millions of views. If your business can achieve even a fraction of these numbers, you will benefit from a steady stream of targeted traffic and a dedicated audience that will also serve to spread the word.

An advantage with YouTube is that videos invite comments. This engagement offers the savvy businessperson with excellent insight that can be used in multiple ways.

Follow the following steps to rank on YouTube in 2019:

  • Choose the right keywords, with competition levels you’re comfortable with, and create a video title. Use Autocomplete for ideas.
  • Script each and every line of the video. You’re catering to an audience with a short attention span.
  • Produce the video.
  • Upload the video. Use strong keywords for filename.
  • Pay attention to the comments.
  • Create a very catchy thumbnail to drive clicks.

Implement the steps here to get leads, sales, and enthusiastic traffic from search. This is an ongoing process and what works in 2019 may need to be revamped in 2020.

You can benefit more if you cross-promote content across these platforms, where possible. Algorithms need some initial data to get an idea about where to place your product or content on the search. Drive traffic to the relevant pages through promotions and provide the platforms’ AI with data as early as possible.

If you have questions or need help optimizing your products or services on any of these platforms, feel free to contact us. We’re here to help.

Published: July 11, 2019

Source: Elvin Web Marketing

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