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How to Grow Your Business with SEO in 2020

By: George Mathew


How to Grow Your Business with SEO in 2020

SEO is changing. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that.

The focus is now not on traditional factors that once used to move the needle for rankings but other complementary factors that play a big role.

The goal is to present your business as an authority. That takes more than the usual SEO principles.

Who would have thought that social media and influencer marketing will dominate SEO?

Leverage Influencers for SEO

Throughout social media, an Increasing number of paid reviews have spelled distrust among regular shoppers. This has led to a rise in the number of people looking for influencer recommendations as they seek out authenticity. These recommendations are seen as more trustworthy compared to brand-owned media. Influencer marketing is rising. Its popularity won’t ebb down any time soon.

People are likely to engage with well-known names when it comes to pushing the buy button. An investment in influencer marketing can mean more reviews to your business which increases your site’s local SEO positions in organic results.

Influencers also send greater social media traffic to your sites which can mean increased footfall to your stores and improved ranking in the long term.

Optimize For Voice Search

Even if all SEO predictions fall flat on their face for 2020, this one isn’t going to fail. Voice search is going to explode in the coming years. If you’re not prepared, you’re the loser.

The entire premise of keyword research dwells on the fact that people tend to phrase what they’re looking for in certain ways. Keyword research mapped these similarities, beating all those zillion random thoughts into a uniform structure. Now that’s set to change with the growing acceptance of devices that let you conduct voice search.

With voice search, fingers get a rest and imagination runs wild. That means search strings frequently contain more words than the norm.

Mobile phones are not the only one in the battle. Amazon Echo, smart tvs and Google Home are picking up the slack in voice search.

Voice search gets you more organic traffic and lets you implement all aspects of conversational marketing into the larger game.

More than 50% of all internet searches will be initiated through voice. Your content should adapt itself to this new form of search. If you don’t, you will be left behind.

Link Building Hasn’t Waned in Importance

Despite what anyone might tell you, link building is now more important than ever. Ahrefs’ report summarizes that most pages don’t get any traffic because they don’t have any links.

So if you want traffic and rankings, better rub some elbow grease and get started building those links right about now.

Not any links would do. The days of running automated software are long gone.

One option I suggest using is Link-able – a powerful link building platform that connects you with influential bloggers who build links on the biggest platforms for you.

Content Is Now More Important

Ads are only going to get more expensive as Google squeezes publishers tight.

But despite the increasing costs, most ads don’t get any love or attention. People see them with distrust. And that’s where content comes in. High-quality content is an essential aspect of running a successful business. In fact, you ought to be able to weave stories through your content.

This also means you should invest in different content-marketing formats like podcasts.

Good content is rewarded with links and higher search engine rankings. People heading to search engines are full of doubts and your content should be able to answer these queries in a broader light. For example, the guys at Chanty frequently update their post on productivity apps with more apps. The list has now swelled to 14 and gives more options to visitors.

With content, address people at different awareness stages. Salesy articles are going to get ignored.

Google as an engine processes vast troves of information trying to piece together the most relevant and impactful results. Accuracy is its forte. New trends will change SEO forever.

Published: January 8, 2020

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