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Don’t Commit These 8 Email Subject Line Mistakes

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When it comes to running a business, every detail matters. If you think email subject lines are something insignificant, you’re making a huge mistake. In fact, a subject line is a tool you should use to inspire users to open your email—easily the most important factor in email marketing. If your venture depends on email marketing, make sure to avoid these 8 email subject line mistakes that will send your content directly to the trash folder of every inbox.

No Subject Line
If you believe No subject sounds intriguing and will inspire users to open your email, prepare for some shocking news. Sending emails with no subject lines, you guarantee all of them will be treated as spam and never displayed to the receivers.
If they do get through the filter, users will feel no remorse simply deleting them. Your audience will surely feel annoyed by having to open the email in order to know what it’s about. In short, a blank subject line is a big no-no.
Whether it’s spelling or grammar, errors are simply unacceptable. They look unprofessional and question your qualifications as a provider of a product. Ultimately, they also undermine the quality of what you’re offering. Use a spell check and read your subject line twice before sending it.
Everyone has to deal with many emails every day, so it’s only natural that long, cryptic and irrelevant subject lines will annoy users who consequently won’t find a clear motive for opening the email. Some say a subject line shouldn’t exceed 50 characters—make sure it’s brief, understandable and features relevant keywords that are bound to spark the attention of your audience.
Spam Keywords
This is probably the worst you can do to your email. Featuring words such as money, offer, deal gift, cut-rate, you’re ensuring that your email looks suspicious. Even if the filter doesn’t categorize it as spam, you can only imagine the reaction of users—this kind of pushy advertising will disturb them and inspire them to develop negative associations with your brand.
Ok, CAPS will definitely catch the attention of your audience. But what will happen next? Catching someone’s eye is not your sole aim—your subject line must motivate them to open the email and read its contents. CAPS is basically yelling and while the activity certainly grants the attention, this is not the kind of buzz you should be looking for.
Even one question or exclamation mark can send your email directly to the spam folder. Spam filters are very sensitive to punctuation—those marks are a favorite of spammers, because they instantly attract attention. And being considered a spammer is something you’d probably like to avoid.
Not Marking the Importance of Your Email
If the email you’re sending requires a quick response, make sure to mention it in your subject line. Feature phrases like ‘Urgent Response Required’ or ‘RSVP by March 15’ and you’ll see how users will feel more motivated to read your email and response to it in time indicated by you in the subject line.
If you email a group on a regular basis, make sure to never repeat your subject lines. There are many ways in which you can say one thing, so use your creativity and find out which subject lines work best for your audience. 
Every time you send an email to your customers, you’re communicating a certain brand message. Writing a sloppy and vague subject line, which is full of spelling or grammatical errors will seriously hurt your brand. Think about these examples before you write your next email. Building a positive brand image through attractive and informative email subject lines shouldn’t be a problem.
Author: Cindy Boesel works at BizStats.co.uk. She is interested in the British startups scene and the ways mobile is changing business globally.
Published: March 16, 2015

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