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Diversify Your Social Media with These 4 Steps

By: Parker Davis


Diversify Your Social Media

Are you looking to mix it up with your social media strategy? You should be. It can be tiresome to stick to the same formula all the time, and you need to stay competitive. Remember that your audience is highly valuable; their attention is important and others are fighting hard to get it. Don’t give them a reason to turn away from you!

The smart way to keep your audience captivated is to diversify your social media content. By utilizing a new strategy online, you will keep your audience engaged and entertained. Here are 4 ways to diversify your social media presence.

Utilize Industry Experts

An excellent way to diversify your content is to get insight from industry experts or leaders. If you’re already monitoring hashtags for your industry (which you certainly should be doing!), you’ll see who’s frequently posting and whose content you enjoy. Check out sites like Medium as well, for think pieces that apply to your industry.

You can offer to compensate guest posters for their time, which is always a good business practice. However, a lot of writers will be happy to post for the exposure to your audience. Make sure you know what they expect when getting in contact; their post rate should be on their website. If you can’t find the info you need, just ask!

It’s worth paying for high-quality pieces for your blog and social media every now and then. Not only will you be utilizing their audience, you will be showing your followers that you are involved in your industry.

Swap Posts with Other Bloggers

Another great way to diversify your social media content is to swap posts with a fellow blogger. Look at who is interacting with your competition online, who is in a compatible field, and who you think would produce a quality piece for your blog.

Then, reach out! Make sure you find another writer who will be a good fit for your audience and do your best to adjust your writing to their audience.

“The trick, again, is to guest post at the right place…what you want is influential blogs with real readers who will read and engage with your content,” says ProBlogger. “Never underestimate how effective it is to reach out to peers and influencers. Getting the word out about your own blog is much easier to do when you can collaborate with other bloggers.”

Try a Social Media Takeover

Another way to expand your social media content is to do a social media content takeover. Hand over your Instagram or Twitter to a manager, someone on the ground floor of operations, or an intern. Show your audience your team! “Customers love a peek behind the scenes, and showing the daily process of your business does just that,” says SmallBizClub.

Obviously, make sure your featured team member understands what you expect of them in this assignment. You don’t want any posts that are inappropriate, off-brand, or off-topic. Not only will you allow your audience a glimpse into your day to day operations, you’ll get a valuable point of view perspective from your team.

Feature Your Customers, Build Your Brand

A last solid way to diversify your social media content is to ask your audience for feedback, and include them regularly in posts. “When you’re working on social media internally, it can be easy to get tunnel vision,” says YFS. “Weaker spots in your copy or voice might be overlooked, and this echo chamber effect will take a toll on your credibility long term.”

Include your customers! Ask for them to pose with your product online and use a specific hashtag, and then reach out and use those images for promotion.

Your customers will feel like a crucial part of your business, as they should!

Answer 1 suggests, “Reply to every positive tweet, like every mention, and work to build a positive space online. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask positive reviewers to elaborate on their good experience with your brand. Offering incentives like account credits, discounts, or a post for post shared review is a great way to make this happen.”

This helps create an online community, where your customers are listened to and valued.

Make Your Social Media Matter

Diversifying your social media strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. You can invite guest posters, include your customers, and highlight your team to revitalize your online presence. Try different types of posts until you find what feels natural, and pay attention to what makes waves. You’ll be enjoying higher engagement in no time.

Published: September 27, 2018

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