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Digital Marketing and Local SEO Trends in 2019

Digital Marketing and Local SEO Trends

Local SEO will be an important component of digital marketing in 2019

2019 is still months away. But if you wish to get the better of your competitors in the coming year then you need to begin now. Knowing how digital marketing will evolve in 2019 will enable you to prepare for it right away. Digital marketing trends are always evolving and you should consider implementing those that are a good fit for our business, where your marketing is today and where you’d like it to be in the future.

Staying ahead of the curve will give you a crucial first-step advantage over competitors. Once a trend becomes the norm, the returns yielded will diminish because of the rush to benefit from the idea. Do your homework, get feedback from knowledgeable people in your industry, be intuitive, and ask questions. Then apply the digital marketing strategies that will work for you.

Five digital marketing trends to follow in 2019

Voice Search Marketing

In the U.S alone, there will be 67 million voice devices by 2019. Savvy advertisers are already on the voice search bandwagon. The idea is to present your business as the solution to queries posted via voice search. Apart from advertising, your brand benefits from a simplified shopping experience for the consumer. Order placement becomes much easier through voice. You’ll get data that can be used for creating custom marketing campaigns. The time to embrace new platforms, especially voice, is now.

Affiliate Marketing

Several affiliate marketing companies have closed shop recently. Poor service was the single biggest reason. This has cleared the field for affiliate marketing companies and publishers that believe in delivering value. Now is the time to invest in affiliate marketing. With digital marketing becoming a melting pot of platforms, now is the best time to acquire leads through affiliate marketing and then convert these through digital signage, email marketing, PPC, social media, mobile apps, and SMS.

Video Ads

Video, in content and for ads, will really come into its own next year. Whether online or through digital signage, video is already driving engagement in a big way. By 2019, 85% of the total traffic online will be driven by video content. Videos attract eyeballs on social media. Incorporate video into your digital marketing mix. Behind-the-scene videos, live streaming of events, customer reviews, how-to videos, adverts, infomercials, and product descriptions are popular video content types. Videos in email and on landing pages boost conversion. According to Social Report, “67% of live viewers say they are more likely to purchase a concert ticket to see a band or attend an event if they’ve seen a live stream of a similar event online.”

Programmatic Media Buying

Automated media buying is set to replace manual buying in the world of display advertising. If digital signage is a part of your digital marketing mix, then learn how programmatic buying works. Those who’ve participated in real time bidding with Google AdWords will have clarity on how this works.

Community Development

If there’s one definitive trend that will shape digital marketing, it will be the shift from creating customers to creating a community. With a community in place, customers will be found. Something as basic as a Facebook business page can easily drive community building efforts and with it you can reap rich rewards…repeatedly. That’s the beauty of communities and in 2019, companies that focus on building brand-loving communities will benefit.

Plus one more tip for 2019

Remember E.A.T. – Expertise, Authority, Trust

This applies especially to websites that concern themselves with visitor finances or health. An algorithm update last August adversely effected websites that did not convey E.A.T. While the update wasn’t niche specific, the evidence suggests financial and health specific websites were affected more so than other professions and categories. Read our article on the update for further information.

For more information on digital marketing, SEO, web design of local SEO, drop us a line. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Published: December 14, 2018

Source: Elvin Web Marketing

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