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5 DIY Tactics to Boost Your SEO


Like all startup entrepreneurs, you too surely have high hopes to scale your business up the ladder with SEO. The better your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rank, the bigger your business can grow. However, it is not easy when you are a startup entrepreneur. With limited resources, both monetarily and personally, it is undoubtedly a challenging task to pull your brand ahead. Fret not; we have solutions tailor-made for dedicated and hard-working entrepreneurs like you.

Here are some do-it-yourself steps for the entrepreneur.
Share Content
Browse through the web for relevant information about your industry and collect the best content. Now share that content in different social channels like your Facebook Fan Page, Google+ profile, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like. However, if you already have a website and have loads of content, never shoo away from sharing info that matters. By doing this you win value and demonstrate substance; you improve brand trust and reputation. Another positive from this exercise will be making you more aware of things happening around you, which will help you to speed up your business related decisions.
Blogging is Important
You have heard about the age-old adage, “Content is king.” So take blogging seriously. Write and share valuable content on your website and let others know you, see your ability and knowledge. To establish brand recognition and authority, interaction with people via content is mandatory. Once you have enough content for your own blogs, start to guest blog. There are numerous websites which allow guest bloggers to write good content and in return they will provide you with valuable inbound links to promote your business. Make sure you don’t miss them.
Explore Keywords
Do you remember those boyish years in school when teachers used to mark essential keywords and definitions and asked you to memorize them? The world of internet business too works in the same way. The essential keywords make a big impact on promoting and highlighting your overall business. Research and find out what are the keywords that are going around related to your business. Identify two or three high-traffic yet mid- or low-competitive keywords related to your business. Make sure you add them in your blog posts as tags or use them as hash tags while you tweet. This will add value to your website and eventually increase your SEO page rankings, thereby bettering your business.
Send Out Press Releases
You must be wondering how a small business can benefit from a press release. But believe, me a press release is like a Pandora’s Box, loaded with lots of power. From building your brand awareness to fetching referral traffic, creating citations for local markets to finally being a social proof of your growing business, a press release is highly beneficial for your small business too. Distribute a press release once a month and reap the benefits of it.
Being Social Helps
Give your SEO a boost by taking the social way. Follow relevant people or businesses in social media like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Share their thoughts and ideas in your social media profiles. Pick relevant content from your website and spread the word. Also ensure that you participate in contexts related to your business and never repent to be vocal about it.
Ultimately, remember: SEO is a growing responsibility. If you grasp the know-how of it well, you are way ahead others in your business. Be patient and persistent with your SEO tasks as it is not a single day’s task.
Published: May 21, 2013

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