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5 Best Tricks to Easy Business Blogging

By: SmallBizClub


Tricks to Easy Business Blogging

As business owners, there are always a million things on the to-do list and I know writing your company’s blog often falls to the bottom of that list.

But the benefits of producing a regular company blog that’s filled with great information can really boost your business.

Hubspot recently listed all of the benefits that blogging can have on your business.

The key points I’ll make mention of are: blogging can drive traffic to your website, it can position you as an expert in your field, it humanizes your business, it keeps your website looking fresh and up-to-date, and it also gives you the chance to share more about your products and services.

So you know ‘why’ blogging is great but often it’s the ‘how’ that stumps many business owners. Here are 4 easy tricks:

1. One of the best ways I recommend for those new to blogging for their business is to consider the questions that their customers always ask them.

For example, you might own a pet shop and you’re asked on a weekly basis, “What’s the easiest way to keep my fish tank clean?”

There’s a blog post for you.

I know the owner of a cleaning company and he often gets panicked calls from employees, who want to know how to remove permanent marker from a company whiteboard before the boss discovers the mistake.

So, Adamstown Cleaning now has a blog post titled, ‘How to remove permanent marker from a whiteboard.’

  1. A great way to find topics to blog about is to look to the calendar for important dates or down-right silly ones like Hug Your Boss Day.

You might be a personal trainer, a chiropractor or a nutritionist, so why not make the most of World Health Day with a blog post that shares some healthy living or diet tips?

  1. The release of new data or research might spark an idea. It’s good to keep up-to-date with the news but also know when the latest data or statistics are released in your industry.

A 2014 study found that children’s car seats can be dirtier than a toilet seat and that’s where Electrodry seized upon the opportunity and wrote a blog post to educate their followers on how they can keep their kids’ car seats clean.

  1. Another easy option for a blog post could be a case study. Is there a business you’ve worked with for a while? Has your product or service given them great results? That could easily be a blog post. It can be as simple as a Q&A format or you could create a template and put their answers under headings such as: customer name, service/product used, results etcetera
  2. Lastly, a somewhat sneaky trick is to review the blog posts of your competitors. Now, of course I don’t want you to copy them, but just gain some inspiration. You may find you can write more than what they have on a certain topic or you might be able to put a totally different spin on something they’ve covered. That’s not cheating at all.

Author: Scott Evans is a small business owner with an interest in digital marketing and social media. Informational credit to Adamstown Cleaning and Electrodry. Follow him at https://twitter.com/scottevans2300 

Published: June 10, 2016

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