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4 Reasons Your Facebook Posts Get Way Fewer Views

Reasons Your Facebook Posts Get Way Fewer Views

Social media has dramatically changed the face of marketing. Many small business people don’t understand that although social media is marketing, it’s a very different kind of marketing.

Social media needs to remain SOCIAL. As a small businessperson, you need to recognize that the copy and tone in your social media needs to be very audience focused. And, the members of your audience are of varying degrees of intimacy with your business.

Some may barely know and trust you, and some may be your best clients. So you wouldn’t pop down on one knee, and pop the question with a when you have just met. That would be creepy.

So don’t propose to business too aggressively in your social media posts. Keep the content informative, and fun.

Does it seem like no one is noticing your posts lately? Facebook is a “pay to play” game, and recently Mark Zuckerberg announced an algorithm change that may make your ads cost even more. Here’s how you can beat the algorithm odds:

  1. Focus on Content that is engaging to your audience. Make sure there is real value for your audience. Facebook deals up posts from people who draw more audience engagement. When fans engage with a business it seems to Facebook like the fans enjoy that business’ posts.
  2. Avoid “Engagement Baiting,” which is best explained by showing 3 items and asking which you like the best A, B, or C? It’s better to draw engagement through open-ended questions like: What is your favorite meal for a weeknight dinner? If you could go anywhere in the world, with anyone, where would you go, and with whom?
  3. Facebook is really pushing video. Your video posts will likely get more views than a photograph/text post. Your video can be simple. An auto repair guy’s video could just be focused on the hand of a mechanic opening a hood of a car, and reaching in to check the oil. The caption could read. “Cars that don’t get regular oil changes run 49% less efficiently. Is it time to check your oil?”
  4. Try out Facebook Live. Announce to your audience that you are going live at a certain time, and offer a short educational message. For instance, and property and casualty insurance company could talk for several minutes about deciding how much coverage you need for your home.

They could pick a different subject for each week, and go live at the same time each week.

Videos and Facebook live are getting substantially more organic reach than standard posts.

Keep it social, keep it valuable for your audience, and use lots of video!

Published: March 19, 2018

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Betsy Wolgemuth

Betsy Wolgemuth is a G.I.A. graduate gemologist with 30 years’ experience in working with fine jewelry. Betsy has been doing the marketing for Koser Jewelers, and sharing what she learns with other independent business people since 1988. Betsy has served on the Jewelers of America Board of Directors since 2012.

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