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4 Internet Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Local Business Sales

By: Megan Totka


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Local small businesses often need some marketing tips tailored specifically to their endeavors. As you consider Internet marketing ideas, you need to first have a website that your current and prospective customers can take a look at. A website tells a visitor that your business is legitimate, and it also helps you put your products and services on display so your customers can see if they like what you have to offer.

Your website should be accessible via mobile devices and tablets. It needs a Google Map listing your location and a working contact form. List your business contact information on every single page of your website. 
It’s also a great idea to publish an effective blog to reach your customers and build your credibility. Update it regularly and use it to share news and events that relate to your business. Take a look at these four internet marketing ideas to help you gain new customers for your local business.
1. Verify and support your Google Business Listing.
Use your website to connect the info to your verified Google Business Listing. The reason to do this is so that when a customer looks for your business name and Google generates the results of the search, your website and contact information will show up alongside the listing. 
Take the time to link your website with your Google Business Listing. When people do a search for your business name, you want to increase the chances that your business will be on the first page of search engine results.
2. List your small business on industry-specific portals.
Get your business on portals that are specific to your industry so people who are searching for a restaurant, shop or any other form of business will see YOUR small business.
Go ahead and invite your current customers to share reviews for your business on these portals—most people scour reviews to see what others are saying about a place before trying it themselves. A recent survey tells us that 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
3. Coordinate events and post them on Facebook.
Facebook events are free. If you occasionally host events at your brick-and-mortar location, create an event with the details and post it on your Facebook Business Page. 
Facebook will make your event visible to people in your area and increase the likelihood that visitors will join and attend. Regular events are a good way to bolster visibility and spark positive word of mouth on Facebook too. People usually invite their friends to attend events with them—so take advantage of what Facebook can do for you!
Wonder how entrepreneurs attract friends, family and strangers to support their business? Think about fun ideas for events that your current and prospective customers will not want to miss. Consider a food or wine tasting event if you own a restaurant. A travel company could organize a walk or a hike. A dog grooming or boarding facility could put together a social for dog lovers.
It’s worth investing some dollars to make the event fun and memorable—a successful event will give your customers and potentials a good feeling about your business venture and in turn, they will likely support you in the future.
4. Follow locals on Twitter.
It isn’t too tough to locate people from your town to connect with on Twitter. Type in your city’s name with a hashtag and you can find Twitter accounts for anyone who mentions it. It is a good idea to follow other local businesses—and follow their followers too.
Post city news using the city hashtag and it will gain you some Twitter followers in your own city. Utilize Twitter to promote your events and all company news you want to share. Announce contests, share discounts and you will certainly get the attention of local customers.
You may be searching for some new ways to market your small business and take your sales to the next level. These internet marketing tips can help you gain an edge in the local business arena.
How do you innovatively market your local small business?
Published: July 16, 2015

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