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3 Ways to Optimize Your CTAs for Better Conversions

By: Synecore


To generate leads conversions with blogging, publishing posts is only half the battle. The other half is further engaging your readers with great calls-to-action placed throughout your blog. CTAs entice your readers to take action by submitting their contact information in exchange for some kind of downloadable content offering such as an eBook, whitepaper, or checklist. A CTA may read “Download this ebook” or “Get Your Free Consultation.” Optimizing your CTAs has a big impact on whether or not your blog generates that vital next step of commitment to your business—the conversion.

Strategic Placement
The majority of blogs place CTAs at the end of each post. However, according to a classy.org blog post, Charbeat data scientist Josh Schwartz determined that most readers only get through 60% of an article. Instead of just placing your CTA at the very end of each post, you can use CTAs that follow readers as they scroll down the screen. The benefit of doing this is that the CTAs are always visible, so readers can take action no matter how far they get through the article. Moreover, placing the CTA on the right side of the page is better than the left because readers naturally read from left to right. Overall, increasing the visibility of a CTA improves the chances of it being seen and, ideally, clicked by the reader.
CTAs that convert stand out. When designing a CTA, be sure to use colors that contrast your website’s other design elements. That being said, your CTAs should still fit into your website’s overall aesthetic. According to classy.org, countless A/B tests have indicated that high contrast, rather than specific colors, improves conversion rates. The point is never to confuse your visitor when it comes to what you want them to do next. Visitors should easily be able to connect the dots and figure out what the next step is. Clearly designed CTAs that stand out are your best bet.
Pill Vs. Square Buttons
Groupon designer and user interface engineer Shay Howe suggests that CTAs with rounded corners, which are usually referred to as “pill-shaped,” are more eye-catching because we perceive them as being clickable. To visitors, square corners typically signal an ad or banner which they are more likely to avoid. The best idea is to create multiple CTA buttons and run A/B tests to find out which colors or shape works the best.
The bottom line: the placement and design of your CTAs affects conversion rates. Your site may have thousands of daily visitors, but what is the point if you aren’t able to convert them into customers? Optimizing CTAs is a tried and tested way of increasing conversions. That said, be sure to avoid flooding your site with CTAs, as this may annoy your visitors and turn them away. The key is to find the perfect medium between helpful and annoying, but luckily, that isn’t too difficult to accomplish.
This article was originally published by SyneCore
Published: June 2, 2015

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