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Pinpoint Your Sweet Spot Customers

By: Drew McLellan


Pinpoint Your Sweet Spot Customers

We’ve talked quite a bit about the importance of understanding who you can delight when it comes to looking for new customers—finding those sweet spot customers and turn them into your best marketing tool.

Rather than trying to be something for everyone, the smartest businesses understand that they’re the perfect solution for a certain subset of potential customers—and those are the prospects they should target and pursue with a vengeance.

To help you get your arms around this idea and put together a game plan, we’ve created this list of questions. Walk your team through each one—and at the end, you’ll have a pretty good picture of who you should be targeting and how you can earn/keep their interest throughout your buying cycle,

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How many new clients would it take for you to have a killer year?

Who are your favorite clients? What about them puts them on that list?

If you could replicate one client and have a bunch of them, who would you replicate?

What traits/characteristics would all of those cloned clients have?

What kinds of information, help, tools etc. would those clones most value?

If you were on a scavenger hunt and I said you needed to find 10 people who closely resembled your sweet spot client, where would you look?

How would you get their attention? What do they need?

How would you stay under their nose/in touch in a valuable/helpful way? List 10 ways.

How could you help them today in a way other than giving them financial counsel?

If you couldn’t talk to them directly, who is your Kevin Bacon and could connect you?

And don’t forget your existing customers, who are your best source of new revenue:

What can you do to re-connect with your existing clients 2–4 times a year that has nothing to do with the work you do together?

Published: August 11, 2015

Source: Drew's Marketing Minute

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