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6 Reasons Not to Forget About Print for Your Marketing Plan

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Print should be a critical or even dominant part of a marketing plan, but it is often forgotten about in today’s digital age. While online marketing and social media campaigns are critical to the success of businesses today, traditional marketing techniques are still very effective. Consider the following examples of how print can be used to your advantage in any marketing plan.

Consistent Visibility
While one could “reach the whole world” online, the whole world may not have the attention or inclination to visit your site. They tune out. Print marketing gets around this problem since banners and signs are inevitably seen by the local population. People can’t choose to ignore billboards the same way as they do online ads. People are bombarded by internet ads constantly and often don’t give them a second glance.
Brand Building
Businesses should invest in print-based brand development. Upon doing so, customers see an “established” brand, as opposed to one that is perceived to be doing so badly, that they can’t afford their own logo. Using print implies a certain exclusivity and status that is very valuable to business success. 
Direct Mail Advantage
The tangible feel of a coupon, advertising copy or other business promotion makes a stronger impact than impermanent online ads. Spam sent to emails can be mass-deleted without ever being seen. Printed ad copy, even if thrown out, is examined beforehand and judged case-by-case. Once again, the investment in print confers a level of quality and permanence that online marketing won’t easily match. 
Niche Marketing
Laser-focused print marketing to specific communities or demographic groups could yield big dividends. Aside from the “tangible” advantage mentioned earlier, print is easier to format to grab a potential customer and draw him in.
Multimedia Component
Print can offer further depth to a story that is alluded to online. Likewise, print advertising can direct a reader to more interactive and dynamic user experiences by referencing a website. When used together, marketing becomes incredibly effective.
Professional Reference
A business card is print marketing. It is simple yet stylish, direct, permanent and as reliable as a business contact can get. Imagine a businessman meets a potential client at a formal event, pulls out a stray napkin or gas station receipt and says “Let me scribble my complicated email and website. Keep in touch so we can close that deal.” Compare the odds of success from that approach with a crisp business card that has brand logo, legible font for contact information and a reference to the card-giver’s job title or expertise.
Whether big or small, a marketing plan has slim odds of success if it relies exclusively on trendy electronic advertising. Print brings tangible connection, permanence, depth and professionalism. This can be as important as the product or service in question when drawing in and retaining customers. 
Anita GinsburgAuthor: Anita Ginsburg is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She enjoys writing about business, education, home and family. Consider lettershop mailing services from Ballantine to include in your marketing plan for success.
Published: January 22, 2015

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