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How to Start Your Employees’ Day on the Right Note


The way you start a day can set a precedent for the several hours to follow. That’s why nutritionists say it’s so important to begin a day with a balanced meal. The same goes for any workday. For employees, starting the day on the right note is so important for setting a positive tone for the rest of the day. To get the most out of your employees and to make them the best they can be, read on for more information about how to start your employees’ day on the right note.

1. Morning Huddle

Why do football players huddle together before a big game begins? They huddle together to go over strategies one last time, and to spread good vibes all around. It helps every player go into the game with his head in the right place. Many businesses do a morning huddle, too, for a very similar reason. Employees gather together to plan out their course of action, review ongoing strategies, and encourage one another to give this day all they’ve got. Start the day with vibes of teamwork and cooperation.

2. Coffee Machine

For employees who have dragged themselves out of bed even when they are sleep-deprived, the least you can do as their employer is to offer them a fresh pot of coffee to look forward to in the morning. A plain old coffee machine, or a Keurig machine for more choices, can help give your employees that much-needed jolt of caffeine in the morning, or something to warm their hands with at the morning conference call.

3. Office Breakfasts

Once in a while, treat your employees to a tasty breakfast, even if it’s something as simple as muffins. It’s a nice way of showing employees that you care, and it’s a way of saying thanks for all the hard work. Office breakfasts can go a long way in ensuring employees start the day with smiles and full bellies.

4. Morning Meetings

Some companies hold formal meetings every morning. Maybe they’re conference calls with clients, or other company locations. Either way, this may be a demanding environment for employees to walk into first thing in the morning. As their boss and probably the leader of these meetings, be sure to spread positivity and good energy all around. This helps employees feel more comfortable, knowing that you are guiding them in the right direction. Never forget that you are setting an example for every single person you hire to be on your team.

Starting the morning right is very important for your hard-working people. To get the most out of the day, and to make your employees enjoy working for you, make the mornings a priority.

Published: December 13, 2016

Source: Biz2Credit

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