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Working with Lenders

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How to Obtain Financing for Your Small Business

Navigating the world of financing for a small business can be challenging. For business owners seeking to grow and expand, understanding how to secure the right financial support is crucial. With various funding options available,…

leasing your business equipment

5 Benefits of Leasing Your Business Equipment

Purchasing equipment for a business is usually a large and expensive task. In fact, 79% of U.S. companies need to use financing when acquiring business equipment, according to the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association. But…

an unfilled small business loan application

5 Lending Solutions for Your Small Business in 2023

Lending is a financial term that describes a situation where a lender provides money, properties, or assets to an individual or business on credit to be paid for or paid back later and is usually…

a Canadian business woman considering a pay day loan

What You Should Know About Payday Loans in Canada

Payday loans or cash advances are short-term loans offered by lenders and financial institutions at usury rates. These loans are different from student loans and other loan types. They are called so because these loans…


Should You Use a Microloan to Fund Your Small Business?

It’s not uncommon for new entrepreneurs to struggle with business finances, as untested companies are riskier bets for risk-averse lenders. Creative funding solutions, like crowdsourcing, can help you avoid dipping into any personal savings to…

3 Alternatives to Conventional Loans for Real Estate Investments 

Choosing the best way to finance your real estate deals can make or break your bottom line. Selecting the best option can save you thousands of dollars a year and potentially hundreds of thousands over…

an empty wallet

3 Types of Loans You Can Get in Case of an Emergency

It is a good idea to save up for a rainy day, but sometimes the savings dry up, and you need more cash. While you should generally have enough savings to cover yourself for six…

A 2021 Guide: Is It Ever A Good Idea to Take Out a Loan?

If you are in need of cash and are considering applying for a loan, then you might want to take a step back before you actually apply for anything, and consider a few important points….

Have These 6 Qualifications to Apply for a Small Business Loan

Applying for a small business loan to help fund your business can be intimidating without knowing all that lenders look for when approving a loan. There are also many different types of small business loans…

7 Ways to Get a Bank Interested in Your Startup

Many entrepreneurs are convinced that banks are not worth the effort for startups, especially early-stage ones that still don’t have a revenue stream, or collateral to back up their financing needs. A question I get…

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