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5 Lending Solutions for Your Small Business in 2023

By: Becky Wilson


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Lending is a financial term that describes a situation where a lender provides money, properties, or assets to an individual or business on credit to be paid for or paid back later and is usually used within the context of loans. For small businesses, there is always a need for capital boosts, and at times like these, businesses consider loan options.

There are various types of loan options with varying degrees of risk and requirements. The first step to finding the best option to suit your needs is understanding the options.

Types of Loans

Secured and Unsecured loans

Secured loans require that the borrower relinquish deeds or documents of assets until a loan is related. Secured loans typically have lower interest rates, strict limits, and a longer repayment period. Examples include home loans, loans against property, insurance policies, fixed deposits, mutual funds, and shares.

On the other hand, unsecured loans do not involve collateral, and lenders usually conduct a thorough assessment to ascertain capacity for repayment before granting the loans. A good credit score and history will aid in getting this type of loan. The interest rate is higher for unsecured loans. Examples include personal loans, short-term business loans, education loans, and credit card purchases.

Open-ended and Close-ended Loans

Open-ended loans give the borrower the freedom to get loans repeatedly until a credit limit is attained, at which point the loan has to be repaid. Good examples are credit cards and lines of credit. Close-ended loans require that the individual repays previously acquired loans before they can borrow again. Examples are student loans, mortgages, and auto loans.

Directly related to the types of loans are the types of lenders available and the various types of lending solutions that they provide. In 2023, the right lending solution can be a great boost when investing in new business frontiers.

Types of Lenders and Lending Solutions

There are different types of lenders providing lending options for varying purposes. Their requirements differ for personal and commercial loans, and interest rates vary accordingly.

Traditional Lenders

This includes credit unions, banks, and other financial institutions that offer loans to businesses. They offer the best terms of engagement for commercial lending options and serve as the standard of comparison for other alternative lending platforms. Their interest rates are lower due to government guarantee, which reduces the risk to the lender. However, credit seekers have to meet stringent requirements for loan approval from traditional lending institutions.

Alternative Lenders

They are the go-to option for businesses that are yet to build a lengthy and solid financial history, as their requirements are less strict. They provide access to fast and easy application, approval, and funding process but their rates are higher due to the high risk on the lenders. Examples of alternative lenders include peer-to-peer lenders, online lenders, and crowdfunding. This is a viable option for short-term credit and small loans. 

Embedded Lending

Apart from these two lending options, another strategy for lending that is becoming increasingly popular in the business world today is embedded lending. Embedded lending is the newest strategy in FinTech that allows companies to provide lending options through their non-financial organizational products and services. They thereby allow end customers to borrow directly from the companies they’re already buying a product or service from without having to deal directly with financial institutions.

Embedded-lending solutions facilitate a stress-free lending experience through the use of APIs that integrate the whole process, from the loan application, verification and approval, credit, and repayment, allowing non-financial companies to play the nexus between the lending institutions and end consumers. The technology is easy to use, saves time, and offers fraud and security protection. It is affordable, and payment options are flexible.

Some factors that could influence your loan application are your credit score and credit history, and income in relation to monthly obligations, as this could hinder your capacity to meet monthly obligations.

Picking the Right Lending Option in 2023

Before going on a market search for loan options, you should evaluate your needs and current financial situation. Some ideal questions to ask are: 

Consider the interest rates, loan repayment period, total funds offered, and your business goals before settling for a loan option. 

Published: February 5, 2023

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