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Developing Natural Audience: Lessons from the Creative World

You’re an entrepreneur. You’ve identified a need that aches to be filled, and you’re building a business designed to fill the gap. The question is, how are you going to connect with the people who will become your allies, champions, loyal customers and clients?

Why Persuasion is the #1 Skill for Entrepreneurs

Some people say – humorously – that entrepreneurship work is one third persuading investors to invest, one third customers to buy, and one last this persuading your parents to let you stray from the “conventional” path.

Stop Networking and Start Building Authentic Relationships

Commonly with networking, people use this old fashioned method of going into every interaction with the intention of seeing what they can get out of someone else.

3 Steps to Starting Your First Freelance Business

So you want to start a business, but you have no idea where to start. Many beginning entrepreneurs have faced the same dilemma. The answer: start with freelancing.

How to Deal with Negative People

An unfortunate side effect of becoming successful in what you do, is people talking badly about you, criticizing your work, or even making fun of you.

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn from the Tin Man

Most people know the Tin Man as a fictional character from The Wizard of Oz. Not many people know the Tin Man as a model for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from. It may sound whacky, but here’s why any ambitious professional could benefit from taking a leaf out of the Tin Man’s book:

How to Use Sneaky “Psychic Powers” to Validate Your Business Idea

When you start a new business, you have to know what product your potential clients want first — then, you can build it. And even more importantly than simply knowing what they want, you have to know what makes your service/product/idea DIFFERENT.

Family & Friends Critical of Your Startup? Here’s What to Do

Whether you are thinking of beginning your journey on the entrepreneurial path or have already stepped foot into these gorgeous, albeit at times rocky waters, chances are you’ve encountered criticism.

Social CEO-ing to Create Customer Champs

Stop thinking of yourself as an ‘employee’ of any organization. In reality, you can never be. You are what you are—a living, thinking, caring human. This is exactly you must convey to your customers, that ‘hey, I am not a robot, wanting all the money in your pocket.’

The “Secret” to Overnight Success: What You Can Learn from Drake

For a long time, I was EXTREMELY FRUSTRATED. I was sick of being stuck in the same place, and I would have done anything to get massive results really quickly.