Spencer Frandsen

Spencer Frandsen is an expert in marketing, with years of experience in more than 500 digital marketing campaigns—and the ingenuity to teach himself HTML, CSS, and, currently, PHP. He is also pursuing his economics degree at the University of Utah.


What Apple’s Digital Currency Policy Update Means for eCommerce

Apple recently performed an about-face on its digital currency position choosing to now allow apps that trade digital currency such as bitcoin in its store.

What Your Website Says About You

Your website is a massive part of how people judge your business as a whole. If it looks like something that is still stuck in the 90’s-early 00’s (think HTML, primitive flash, gradients!), then that’s a bad sign. But even the most modern, sleek looking sites are nothing without any substance attributed to them.

Breached: What to Do When Your Network is Compromised

Sluggish systems, strange pop-up windows, passwords changed mysteriously, programs starting automatically or illicit content on your website are all clues that point to a breach in your network. If you believe this has happened, acting quickly and decisively can help you recover safely from a network attack.

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Trade Promotion

Trade promotion is a tricky subject because of the sheer amount of money that is at risk. Often, trade promotions will be the most expensive marketing tool that is used for the year and it has the potential to either make or break a company.

How Much Should You Be Spending on SEO?

Along with the usual decisions regarding an SEO budget, many analysts and experts have been expressing a belief that those budgets are going to need to be increased in 2014. The reason behind this? SEO is becoming more competitive, meaning businesses need to spend more to keep up.

Powerful Snake Virus Infects Ukrainian Computers

Under the Snake virus, hackers gain complete access to infected systems. They can take control of the computers to use for spying or tampering, and the virus can be used as a digital military base by foreign invaders.

YouTube Continues to Fight Against Fake Views

YouTube, the biggest video sharing website, is bearing down on an issue that has been plaguing them in the recent years. From average users to big time companies, there is a growing trend of buying ‘fake views’ to inflate popularity of videos.

Pay Attention to Yahoo: Yelp Partnership Focuses Local Search Back at Yahoo

Now that Yahoo is partnering with the popular directory Yelp, its importance for local search will dramatically go up. This is big news for any business that serves local customers.

Target Attack Linked to Phishing Emails

Various investigations into the Target credit card fiasco continue, and the public is still lacking solid answers. While some facts about the breach are known, other fundamental details have yet to be determined.

Google and Apple Rejecting Flappy Bird Clones

Thinking about making your own Flappy Bird clone? Be careful. Google and Apple are reportedly rejecting clones before they ever hit their App Stores.