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How to Instill Great Customer Service Habits in Your Staff

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Did you know that:

  1. Most businesses only hear from 4% of their dissatisfied customers. The remaining 96% never voice their complaints. Source: Ruby Speaks
  2. It is 7 times more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to retain a loyal customer. Source: White House Office of Consumer Affairs
  3. Almost half of customer service agents are adequately prepared to resolve a customer issue when it arises. Source: Forrester
Keeping your customers happy is vital to the lifeblood of your business. It saves you money, making you more profitable.
Customer satisfaction starts with your staff. These are the people who interact with your customers on a daily basis and are directly responsible for keeping your loyal customers, well, loyal.
Here are a few ways you can instill great customer service habits in your team.
Train Your Team on a Regular Basis
Even the best customer service representatives need training to keep their skills fresh. Schedule regular team trainings to continuously inspire your staff to deliver the best service each and every time they’re face to face with one of your customers. Hold a training at least once per quarter to keep the expectations fresh.
Give Your Staff a Voice
Your staff are forced to take the brunt of customer complaints. They’re also the ones who see first-hand how these types of situations can be better resolved. Give your team a voice and listen to their suggestions about how they can be better equipped to provide better customer service.
Give Them the Tools Needed to Perform Their Best
Like you, your team needs to have the tools to make the business run smoother. By giving your team flexibility and authority to resolve customer complaints on the spot, you enable them to make someone’s day. This makes it easier for your team to serve your customers better. It also helps your team feel like they have more ownership over each transaction, inspiring them to perform a little bit better.
Accommodate Your Employees’ Needs
To keep your team smiling to your customers, you need to give them a reason to be happy at work. This involves accommodating their schedules so that they have work life balance and creating a positive company culture.
With tools, such as ScheduleBase, you can make faster changes and be a more accommodating employer. In turn, your team feels better about coming to work, which makes them happier when working with your customers.
The Bottom Line
The bottom line is, you can’t afford to provide negative customer service. Keep your staff happy with their job, well trained and well equipped to handle any situation that comes their way.
This article was originally published by ScheduleBase
Published: April 16, 2015

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