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5 Signs an Employee Deserves a Promotion

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As a manager, one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever have to do is select a person to promote. What if you choose the wrong person? What if you disrupt the positive atmosphere in the workplace?

There’s a lot that goes into deciding which employee deserves a promotion. With facts and a keen eye for the details that matter, you can choose the best person to promote.
They limit their participation in the gossip mill.
Perhaps one of the easiest things to get sucked into in a workplace is the gossip mill. Sally says something to Sue, and then Joe finds out and tells John a totally different story. Rumors escalate quickly and if you’re not careful, they could damage your productivity and company culture.
When looking for someone to promote, search for the person that won’t participate in spreading rumors. Instead, find the person or people who ignore the rumors and limit the amount of gossip they indulge in at work.
They actively try to find solutions to customer concerns.
It’s impossible for you to be at the helm every minute of every day. When a customer comes in to your place of business with a concern or gripe, you need to trust that the first person he or she talks to will resolve the situation in the best way possible.
Some employees become defensive in confrontational situations like these. Others become helpful and empathetic. The former causes trouble. The latter is what will get you the loyal customers, bigger profits, and rave reviews. Those are the people you want to promote.
They offer ideas for improvement.
As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. Having multiple people actively invested in the growth and improvement of your business will spur your success.
As you consider who should get the next promotion, think about the people who have approached you with ideas and fresh concepts. These are the people that will continue to drive forward development in your business and help you thrive even when you’re not there to manage them.
They are always on time to work.
Tardiness is costly. It hurts morale and it decreases overall productivity. If an employee is frequently late, it shows a lack of respect for his or her colleagues. More importantly, it shows an apathetic approach to your business’s profitability. Unless there’s a logical and valid reason for tardiness, you should never accept this as a standard when deciding who to promote.
They’ve expressed interest.
The easiest way to know if someone is chomping at the bit and eager for a promotion is by the way she talks. Has she expressed interest in getting promoted? Does she want to be a leader? If so, and she meets the above requirements, she is probably ready to take on the responsibility.
Promoting an employee is a big decision, but with these factors taken into consideration, you can make the best choice for your business goals.
This article was originally published by ScheduleBase
Published: May 20, 2015

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