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Selling Fragile Products? 5 Tips for Shipping Them the Right Way

Whenever you box up and drop a package off at your local shipper, from that point on, you can only hope that the item will make it to its destination in one piece.

Developing with Tax Incentives

There are numerous incentives and credits available, and taking time to learn more about these opportunities may be financially beneficial to you.

3 Questions Answered About eCommerce Conversion

Do you have a lot of online visitors but few buyers? The problem may be that your website is not optimized for customer conversion. This article highlights three key questions to keep in mind when reviewing your website for possible customer conversion issues. It also suggests possible remedies.

The Importance of Mobile Marketing for Your Business

Mobile is no longer the future of marketing, it’s the present. If your small business isn’t utilizing the many opportunities mobile provides, you’re more than missing out, you’re inadvertently setting yourself up to fail for the future.

How User-Friendly is Your Business? 4 Ways to Avoid Becoming Frenemies with Your Customers

No matter how you’ve been doing business in the past, you must realize that customers are looking for the newest, easiest, or most convenient way to shop and get their services.

3 Benefits of Merging Social with Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

The great thing about having a small business these days is that you can explore plenty of avenues to give your business a competitive edge and compete with the big players in your business domain.

How to Buy Energy Smart Products

Have you ever been out shopping for a new electronic device and come across a blue label that says “Energy Star”? The Energy Star label is a government-backed certification program designed to promote the usage of energy efficient electronics by businesses and consumers.

5 Items Your Business Needs to Stay Organized and Efficient

To improve efficiency in a commercial environment you must first get organized. If you have noticed that inefficiency and disorganization is leading to diminished productivity, the key is to take action now.

Cut Your Taxes Using Your Excess Inventory

Excess, nonmoving inventory is a common business problem that, fortunately, also contains its own solution. By donating that new, idle merchandise to charity, your business can earn a federal income tax deduction.

Calling All Small Biz Owners: The 5 Most Anticipated Business Conferences of 2014

Business conferences aren’t just for big-name businesses anymore. There are many conferences held each year that offer perks for people who own and operate smaller businesses.