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Can you help me choose between a Laptop and Tablet device?

By: Ed Fox



I need either a laptop or a tablet portable computer. I don’t need to watch movies, play internet games, etc. I need assistance in narrowing down the choices. Price, durability, and flexibility/upgradability with respect to new technology as it becomes available are the biggest issues.

Laptop vs. Tablet: We do not know how you plan to make your presentations and what CRM, business, accounting software, or graphics software you need to run on your computer; however, your first decision may be between a laptop or a tablet. Due to screen size, battery life, processor speed, file storage capacity, projector compatibility, and other limitations, a tablet may not be a suitable solution as your only business computer device, though having a laptop and a less expensive tablet may be also a consideration. You can review industry comparisons of laptops at the following websites:

Tablet devices: Any electronic device that has been on the market a few years typically offers several quality products to choose from. Also, if you use a Windows PC in your business, then buying a Windows tablet may be an important consideration for software compatibility and functionality purposes. IPads and other tablet devices may currently lead in number of software applications, but Windows tablets will likely catch up very quickly. Also, it is our experience that different tablet devices are popular among different user groups. The possible edge for a Window 8 tablet is that it will have the same look and feel across the tablet, a windows phone, and a PC. Out of the box Windows 8 has a few applications, but you would still need to go to their app store to get the majority of new apps.

Whenever buying computers (tablets, notebooks, laptops, desktops and servers) and similar devices, you should list the technical features and functionality (software applications, size, etc) that you need or want in order to make accurate comparisons. Price is usually a factor as well as certain subjective preferences. We strongly recommend that you go to Best Buy or another electronics store to get a hands on experience with tablet devices. You can research tablets though your local electronics retailers, industry articles and comparisons like the following:
iPad vs. Windows 8 tablets:

Other table information and comparisons:

Laptops: New laptops are competitively priced and come with operating system software and many other standard features. Also, some buyers prefer to purchase from local dealers for service and convenience reasons. However, you can buy laptop computers from Dell, HP and other retailers and have them built to your specifications including processor type and speed, memory capacity, screen size, hard drive type and size and many other features. For some companies, it may be best to use Dell, HP, and Lenovo computers for general business purposes and Apple computers for heavy graphics work; however, there are quality desktops, laptops and notebooks from other vendors available in the marketplace at competitive prices. Also, there are many graphic applications now available for the PC that can compete with Apple. We do not have a specific recommendation for a new laptop for your business, but we can provide you with information and resources like that found below to help you select a machine that most economically meets your needs.

Laptops have portability and a few more considerations than desktops. In terms of laptop hardware configurations, making DVD, PowerPoint and other business presentations, processor speed, memory capacity, CD/DVD drives, peripheral attachments, and screen size can all be important considerations. In general, memory (RAM) of four gigabytes is good, but eight or more gigabytes would be preferable if you plan to use graphics, videos, and other memory intensive applications. With respect to processors, the Intel Core i(3,5,7) family of processors are the standard for most mid-range business laptops, but the Intel Core 2 Duo processors are still available in some laptops. Extended battery life may be an important consideration. Also, a CD/DVD burner is a good purchase, especially if you want to create custom presentations. Of course, laptop weight and cost are considerations. One axiom about laptops that holds very true is “Light, powerful, and cheap. Pick two.” Basically, we recommend that you make a list of the features and specifications that you want and need, set a budget, compare various laptops, and then select one that meets your budget constraints. You can compare laptops at your local computer stores and at Internet websites like the following:
Published: July 22, 2013

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