According to a new LinkedIn study, professional content consumption is dramatically rising—especially on LinkedIn, where over 1.5 million publishers actively use the LinkedIn Share button on their sites to send content into the LinkedIn platform. The numbers are impressive, I must admit. LinkedIn calls the members who are consuming and sharing professional content in record amounts, “Content Revolutionaries.” These are the people marketers should be targeting, it says. Here’s what the study uncovered:

  • On average, they (Content Revolutionaries) spend about 1 workday (8 hours per week) consuming professionally relevant content as a way to educate themselves on their industry news and trends.
  • 65% have increased the amount of time spent consuming professionally relevant content over the past year.
  • 61% of Content Revolutionaries find it necessary for professional success.
LinkedIn’s advice to marketers: Meet Content Revolutionaries’ 3 key needs:
1. Enhance their knowledge. 
Why? 78% keep up with industry news and 73% discover new ideas within their industries.
2. Strengthen their networks.
Why? 62% build relationships with colleagues/clients and 51% spark conversations.
3. Boost their personas.
Why? 55% build their professional reputations and 45% improve their current job skills. Therefore, members are more likely to share professional content that builds their professional brands, strengthens their professional networks, or helps them sell to their networks. Marketing content will be shared more if it fulfills these needs.
  • 65% say it increases their visibility.
  • 64% say it enhances their professional reputation.
  • 49% say it positions them as thought leaders.
Popular content types for gaining knowledge:
  • New research
  • Breaking industry news
  • Case studies
More advice: Marketers need to create content that sparks discussion.
Primary or secondary sharing methods:
  • 53% use the ‘like’ button
  • 44% share with commentary
  • 42% share without commentary
  • 38% share by e-mail
  • Only 13% share using LinkedIn mail
I am particularly fond of LinkedIn’s ability to connect me to colleagues and prospective clients. I have always touted it as a viable marcom channel, especially for B2B (business-to-business) marketing. I have made new business friends, gained new followers, and actually got work as a result of the time I spend on it. So, I admit to being a bit bias.
What has your experience been on LinkedIn? Do you regularly share relevant professional content?
This article was originally published by Elaine Fogel


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