Let’s talk SEO. Patrick Stox, SEO Project Supervisor at Thee Design Studios in Raleigh, North Carolina joins me to discuss SEO marketing strategies and what goes on at a digital agency. We cover a lot of ground in this episode including on page optimization, link building, branding, conversion, social media, SEO and Internet SEO tools and more.

About half way into the episode Patrick explains the typical first steps of a customer engagement.
A full-service digital agency such as Thee Design Studio does many things under the Internet marketing umbrella. Some customers come to them for better rankings, some for leads, pay-per-click (PPC) campaign management and even for reputation management. Reputation management is working to counter some of the negatives that occasionally surface, such as bad Yelp! or Google+ reviews.
Show notes
Thee Design Studio – Raleigh, NC USA – Tel. 919-341-8901
Some of the SEO and Internet marketing strategies we discuss include
  • What a digital agency does and how
  • SEO tactics for ecommerce sites
  • Redirects and 404 pages
  • Monetizing a low traffic blog (at least 50 uniques/day) with affiliate programs, when a display ad is appropriate, and how the display ad model works
  • Why bounce rate is not by itself a useful metric
  • Tools of the trade: Google analytics, Google Webmaster tools, Raven, SEMRush, Scrapebox, AWR Cloud, Buzzsumo, Whitespark, Crazyegg
  • What an attribution model is and what it is used for
  • Unintended duplicate content (mostly from affinity sites)
  • Heat maps and A/B testing
  • Some KPIs that C-levels typically want to see
This podcast and article was originally published by The Growing Entrepreneur