Pay per click ad campaigns are a great way to get traffic from your target audience and turn them into existing or prospective customers. This popular digital marketing strategy is quite successful for all kinds of macro industries. If niche industries use PPC campaigns intelligently, they can be quite effective too, in establishing a good digital presence for their business.

Elearning business is a niche industry that needs to establish an adequate digital presence to earn conversions. If a niche industry like eLearning has a PPC campaign that is general in nature and not niche specific, then it may not gain any conversions because it will not reach the specific, target audience who have need of this product.

Here’s why a niche specific campaign is necessary for your eLearning business.

1. For Awareness

When niche industries are just starting out with their PPC campaigns, they need to establish knowledge and awareness about their product or service. So, a niche specific PPC campaign is very important to create awareness about the eLearning business. Your audience needs to know who you are and what you do. This can be made possible with PPC campaigns that are addressing the niche of your product or service. When you create blogs, videos, and other content to create awareness about your business, use keywords that are specific to your niche and then analyze the awareness it’s creating and the traffic that it’s generating.

2. Collecting Feedback

Once your PPC campaign has taken off and you’ve started getting an adequate amount of traffic, get into conversations with your audience members and find out what brought them to your product website. Ask them which keywords did they use to come across your ad and you can also ask them which keywords they will use in the future to come across products similar to yours. This will give you an idea about which keywords are working for your audience and then according to the feedback you can expand your range of keywords.

3. Role of Keywords

Keywords play a major role in all kinds of digital marketing strategies. In a niche specific campaign, you need to use very specific, niche keywords so that it attracts a niche audience that your business is targeted at. You also need to analyze and track your PPC campaigns to identify the keywords that are successfully generating traffic and delete the keywords that are not working for you.

If you are not careful with the keywords that you use in premium placement on an LMS directory, you may get very diverse and random traffic with a very low rate of conversion because your campaign is not reaching the people who have a need for your product or service. So make sure that your keywords are updated and are targeting the right audience.

4. Revising Your Digital Presence

If you do not update the content on your website or revise your marketing strategies, then you’re not giving your audience anything new. Along with getting new customers, you also need to appeal to your current customers and persuade them to repurchase your product or service. For this you need to ensure that you are remarketing your niche, revising your marketing strategies, keeping your website updated etc.


If you don’t tap the potential of a niche specific PPC campaign, your niche business will get lost amidst the macro industry without attracting any relevant audience or increasing conversions. Different businesses solve different needs and purposes. So, their marketing strategies need to be different as well. What works for a macro industry may not necessarily work for a niche or micro-industry, that’s why it’s important to treat the digital marketing needs of a niche industry different from a macro industry.