Not so long ago, the majority of adults thought that social media was a fad, a trend that would pass, something only the kids really got the hang of, and something that wasn’t particularly useful except for gossip or wasting time avoiding true, real, live social contact. How many of these adults have been proven wrong within the past decade! All you have to do is look at the success stories – from businesses to politics – to see that social media is here to stay, and is bound to grow even stronger.

The question then becomes: how can you take advantage of social media, and how can you benefit from it? After all, it often seems like a confusing jungle out there, and using it as a productive platform isn’t always that straightforward. What can social media do for your business? Here are your top questions answered.

Brand awareness

Here’s the result of a study that was taken in the USA: 53% of those who come into contact with brands on social media are more loyal. That’s a figure surely to be true elsewhere in the world. Social media allows you to spread the message, to promote your brand, to make connections, to humanize your products and services, and to create a loyal group of followers.

Targeted ads

Social ads are a great investment as they require only a minimum of cost and could have great results. By targeting your ads according to age, gender, location, and other specific information, you are able to deliver your message to your specific target demographic – and measure the results in real-time as well.

Conversion rates

The more your brand is known, the higher the chances that you will be able to achieve much better conversion rates. This isn’t just a theory; over 66% of all people rely on social media for customer support, and this means you’re able to stay in touch with your base in a real way.

Directing traffic

A simple link in an ad or a message will also do the trick. Furthermore – perhaps more importantly – the more social media shares your message gets, the higher your ranking on search engines.

Data collection

Imagine what kind of research you can do based on all those people who have liked your message or shared your ad.

One other reason why social media is such a great platform: it’s the perfect way to find out what your competitors are doing, and how they are doing it, as the specialists from social media marketing firms like Blind Pig Media attest. Often the best teachers are those people you despise the most, and your rivals are often the ones that point out your mistakes. By studying both your target demographic and the competition, you can have a real edge and take opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

Gemma Moss
Gemma Moss is a professional blogger and writer. She frequently writes content for a variety of niches, including small business.


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