With today’s mass production of online content, it’s not uncommon to write quality copy that still gets ignored. To encourage your readers to better engage with your content, you need to make sure every line of your website or blog helps them learn or accomplish something. Remember these six tips for engaging your readers.

Focus on Benefits Over Features

Understand that people are most interested in knowing how your company or products can solve their problems. It’s OK to tell your readers what makes your products great. But don’t do it at the expense of explaining concisely why using your products or services will improve their lives.

Make it Shine With Stats

Sharing quotes and statistics from industry experts is a persuasive way to highlight your point. Saying that a large percentage of Facebook’s ad revenue comes from mobile is not that impactful as saying more than 90 percent of Facebook revenue is from mobile searches. This kind of citation works because it is an established journalistic convention. Just don’t go overboard—excessive use of stats might dilute the importance of your copy and indicate to the reader that you lack the ability to make an original, assertive statement.

Write for Your Specific Audience

It’s a mistake to write for the internet without knowing your audience. If you write for an audience at large, your message will get muddled because you’re trying to cram in too much information. Learn to grab your reader’s attention with better headings. According to copyblogger, 80 percent of your readers will check your headline but only 20 percent will continue reading if the headline is not interesting. When you can identify your audience, you can speak in their language, craft the right headlines, and better address their pain points to make your copy more compelling, convincing, and engaging.

Create Actionable Content

Create actionable content that targets a specific audience, provides value, establishes trust, gets your audience involved, and aligns with your marketing goal. Explain what your readers will walk away with, and encourage them to ask questions so they become participants and not just bystanders.

Integrate Communication Functionalities

Use communication to provide high-quality customer service and engage your reader. This might include features such as chatbots—artificial intelligence that converse with the user—to answer visitors’ questions, give them more information about your products, and help them navigate your site. These functionalities are easy to use and available to your readers 24/7. You can use services such as the Agora Quick Start Guide to create communication methods such as chatbots, video, broadcasts, and more.

Use Real-World Examples

Use your own experiences and real-world examples when discussing overly abstract concepts. Avoid confusion or doubt in your readers’ minds by sharing links to examples and additional reading. Understand the clarity of your message is the most important thing in content marketing.

Writing engaging copy isn’t easy. Follow these tips to adjust your approach and provide your audience with a much more relevant, useful, and ultimately actionable experience.

Ryan Tyson
Ryan Tyson is a freelance writer from Tampa, FL. In addition to writing, she enjoys travelling and spending time with her family.