Of the myriad of factors working against the average startup company, perhaps the most dangerous is scalability.

For a business to reach the point where it becomes necessary to scale to reach the demands of their consumers, something right must have happened; a few times at least. While that’s fine and dandy, the past is the past.
Adaptation isn’t just necessary, it’s vital for the survival of a business. Adapting to be able to serve the growing set of demands of the consumers—or just the growing number of customers—takes the place of startup costs and risks. The business isn’t out of the woods yet, it’s time to grow.
But how? This infographic takes a look at the risks that scalability presents any given startup, and more importantly: ways to combat this. It’s all about efficiency: not wasting any time or capital can ensure a more productive organization, allowing for everyone to continue doing what they do well.
In the end, it comes down to how reasonable the powers in the startup can be: will you realize it’s time to start scaling efficiently and effectively?
This article was originally published by Killer Startups
Author: Ivan Serrano is an infographic extraordinaire from the Golden Coast. He focuses on global business, social media and technology, but is really a jack of all trades. Connect with Ivan on Twitter @IvanSerrano55.