Mobile Phones: A Genuine Substitute for Office Computers?

If it isn’t already, communications technology is fast becoming the backbone of modern society. It would seem that almost every person across the globe...

BYOD for Small Business

‘Bring Your Own Devices' (BYOD) is a relatively new phenomenon in the workplace. While many see it as a great opportunity to make the workplace a better environment for employees, there has to be a level of cautiousness applied if it is implemented.

The Time Has Come to Go Mobile or Go Home

The desktop computer is being left behind and in its place is a phalanx of mobile devices: laptops, smartphones and tablets. This shift in computing devices is changing the way we use the Internet.

Why You Need an Enterprise Mobility Plan

The world is becoming increasingly mobile. In February, Google announced that mobile-friendly sites will get preferential placement in search results.

Smart Home Innovations Pave the Way for IoT Business Opportunities

Technology is always innovating and it is now a bigger part of our lives than ever before. Most of us interact with a variety...

Is the Cloud Right for Your Small Business?

The business of "cloud computing" has grown drastically over the last several years. Essentially, computing via cloud allows you access to your computer and files wherever you may be, regardless of physical location.

Technology at the Center of the Freelance Revolution

Technology allows independent works to collaborate with other freelancers so you don't have to go it alone if you don't want to. You can stay small, but look big.

5 Steps to Deal with Business Downtime

Unexpected downtime can happen at any time and accidents happen, though we should note that they should always try to be mitigated. Firstly, as it says on the back of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, "Don't panic."

Growing a Business with the Cloud

Before the cloud came, starting a business was a risky move—you needed to do extensive market research and invest a considerable amount of money in infrastructure alone, and if you happened to get your research wrong, or business simply didn't go the way you planned, bankruptcy was almost imminent.

Remote Video Surveillance Systems

Implementing remote video surveillance systems requires property owners to plan, design, and install an ideal system that caters to their security needs. Surveillance systems consist of two fundamental elements, namely, the cameras and the video management systems.

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