Offset vs. Digital Printing: Which Option is Best for You?

High quality printing has never been more accessible to people than it is today. What was once only for businesses with super large budgets,...

New Statistics Show Mobile Continues to Grow

Since our earliest reports on the mobile space, we've continued to watch the industry explode, and Affiliate Window's latest mobile study is a perfect portrayal of that.

Smartphone Addict? Startling Facts About Mobile Use

Everywhere you look, people are glued to their smartphones. Whether you’re in a coffee shop, at a dinner party or walking down the street,...

Top 3 Benefits of Using Interactive Touchscreen Displays

The main goal of a business is to generate customer interest in a bid to bolster sales, and in turn, boost revenue—and interactive touchscreen...

What You Need to Know About Cloud Commuting

Cloud commuting is a lot like telecommuting. The only difference? Employees rely on the cloud—an online network for storing, sharing, and accessing data—to communicate with coworkers and access files.

Common Cloud Migration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

“The cloud” has become a vague buzzword. A lot of business owners aren’t exactly sure what the cloud is or how it works, which...

Technology at the Center of the Freelance Revolution

Technology allows independent works to collaborate with other freelancers so you don't have to go it alone if you don't want to. You can stay small, but look big.

Remote Video Surveillance Systems

Implementing remote video surveillance systems requires property owners to plan, design, and install an ideal system that caters to their security needs. Surveillance systems consist of two fundamental elements, namely, the cameras and the video management systems.

6 Reasons You Should Install a Security System in Your Office Building

Your office building is home base for your business. If your enterprise had an Alamo, it would be your office. Your offices are more than just the place where your employees gather to work during the day; it's where you keep your business's valuables and secrets and, occasionally, fairly large sums of its money.


4 Tips on Handling Large Amounts of Data

Handing large amounts of data is now easier than ever. Considering that most of us use laptops and computers for business, it is important to have access to information all the time.

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