How to Successfully Relocate Your Young Startup to a New City

Moving is always a hassle, no matter if it's to a new state, city, or even just down the street. Moving can be even more stressful if you're not only relocating your life, but also your company. Sometimes, however, moving is necessary to grow you business, especially if you started your company in your home or college town.

Choosing the Right Location for Your Business

Below you'll find a list of points to consider while you're searching for your businesses ideal office space. Unfortunately there is no such thing as a definitively 'perfect' space (and if there was, then chances are it would be pretty unaffordable) but there is such a thing as a perfect office space for YOU and YOUR business.

10 Tips for Saving Money on Common Business Items and Necessities

As a small business, you should be penny pinching at every possible angle. Here, we'll provide ten sharp ways in which to do save money on your business operations.

How to Tame the Piles of Paperwork

One minute the office is tidy, organized, and everything has its place. The next, the paper starts piling up, folders are bursting with documents that you probably don't even need, and the thought of sorting through it is a daunting nightmare.

How to Solve the Top Pitfalls of Working from Home

The number of Americans working from home has jumped 41 percent since 1999. And as technology continues to evolve (mobile, social, collaboration), we can expect more growth in work-at-home jobs and telecommuting.

4 Ways to Map Your Office Design to Your Company Culture

If you have office space, you can look for ways to optimize it to support the type of culture you want to have—even if you're a small-business owner. Here are some things you can try to use your office space to support and maintain your culture.

Top 5 Considerations When Moving Physical Office Locations

Changing the physical location of your business is an exciting process, but it can also be quite stressful. There's a lot to do and consider throughout the transition, like how to alert your clients to the change and whether or not you should keep your current business phone system.

Building the Right Team

Hiring the right employees does not only help mitigate the risk of having to replace them down the road. It fosters a culture of high-level thinking and productivity and serves as the cornerstone of a strong office environment.

How to Prepare Your Small Business to Weather a Storm

Does your small business have an emergency storm-preparedness plan? You may think you don’t have the time or resources to create one. But businesses of all sizes can—and really should—create a simple list of important “to-dos” in case a natural disaster or other emergency interrupts your normal course of operation.

Choosing a Managed Office for Your Company

There are an increasing number of small to medium businesses choosing to rent managed or serviced office space rather than opening their own offices. This can have a number of benefits including cost savings, access to additional equipment and allowing business owners to do their part when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

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