How to Get Startup Ideas by Interviewing Customers

The first step in building a product people love is to identify a problem that some group of people have. Solutions to clearly defined customer pain points make for the most compelling value propositions. You don't need to start with a "startup idea."

Accurate Assumptions Lead to Defendable Plans

The biggest error in planning may not be spreadsheet calculation error. Or cost estimation. It is most often missed assumptions about the market, the competition, the speed of adoption, or other critical metrics you've researched, or selected, or even just guessed at to create your plan.

Entrepreneurial Lessons from Detroit

Guaranteed lifelong employment and the comfortable pensions enjoyed by our parents and grandparents are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The once-risky path of entrepreneurship seems increasingly less fraught with peril when compared with the ever-present prospect of layoffs faced by regular employees.

Entrepreneurs Dot No Easily Retire

So you've successfully sold your business and have received enough money from the sale to become financially independent, no longer having to work for a living.

How to Outline Your Business Plan

A business plan outline is designed to take the stress out of writing your plan. Yes, every small business should have a plan. If you don't, it's like trying to drive to an unknown destination without a road map. It's highly unlikely you'll get there in one piece.

How to Take Your Philanthropic Passion and Turn It into a Startup

Starting a nonprofit is similar to starting a business, and as any accomplished entrepreneur will tell you, having a solid plan with positive people behind you makes all the difference.

The Most Important Person on the Startup Team

Since Bill Hewlett joined with Dave Packard in 1939 to create what is today one of the world's largest computer companies, there has been an evergreen debate as to who is more important in starting a tech company: the techie or the business guy?

The Ultimate Small Business Start-Up Checklist

Launching a new business venture can be exciting—and more than a little exhausting. Follow these eight startup steps to help make sure you're as prepared as possible:

7 Success Tips for Creating a Home-Based Business

Home-based businesses comprise one of the fastest growing business segments today. People love the idea of being able to be their own boss and work from the comfort of their own home.

Elements of a Successful Value Proposition Strategy

In order to make that statement functional and useful to you, though, there are certain features you should be sure to incorporate. Your value proposition should not only be clear and concise, it should also be precise, specific, and targeted to your target audience.
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