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4 Things You Should Know About Opening a Restaurant

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4 Things You Should Know About Opening a Restaurant

Whether you’re an amateur foodie or consider yourself a professional connoisseur, if you’re considering opening a restaurant there are a few factors you really need to think about. While it can be exciting and enticing to think about making your dreams come true by opening the restaurant business of your dreams, starting a restaurant is like any other business: it requires careful consideration, thought, planning and organization to make it work and grow the way you envision. Look at these 4 points as a starter to get you thinking about your restaurant business, on the path to exploring and developing your dream further.

What Kind of Restaurant Do You Want to Open?

Have you got your own awesome and unique restaurant idea or are you excited to open a famous and well-known franchise in your local area? Do you want a full-service, sit-down restaurant, a café style restaurant or a deli-style, counter-service food store? Having the idea for a restaurant is one thing, but fully fleshing it out into a clear idea of what you want to do is another.

It’s good to have a clear and uncomplicated vision of what style of restaurant you want to have, from the type of food to the décor. Once you have that, you’re ready to take your planning process to the next step in bringing your dream to life.

Have You Got the Big Three?

Entrepreneurs agree that no restaurant succeeds without the big three: a great chef, a great location, and a great concept. Some entrepreneurs think that just having one of these could be enough to make their business, but because these three are interrelated in how the success of a restaurant business starts and progresses over time, it’s crucial to focus on and balance all of them for real results. Although having a great location can help bring customers in the door, the business will fall flat without good food and a good vibe.

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Even having a celebrity chef may not bring people to a far-away or difficult-to-access location. Without an interesting concept, a restaurant just won’t bring and hold enough of a customer base to really be considered a successful business.

What Do You Need to Take Care Of?

When it comes to starting a restaurant, it’s important to remember you’re starting a business, and so there’s plenty to take care of, from logistical to legal to financial obligations. Having a business lawyer on board from the beginning can be extremely useful to take care of the legal obligations and complications of opening a restaurant. Not only do you need to pay attention to business law, but also food safety and hygiene laws that affect your food production, as well as employment law if you plan on having employees on board.

If you are thinking of opening a franchise, it’s important to have franchise lawyers on board to help you understand the contract and have the terms work for you. Make sure, no matter what kind of restaurant you want to open, that you have plenty of capital in reserve. Most restaurants experience a lot of success in the initial stages of opening, which then slows until it stabilizes at a more sustainable level.

Have a Good Business Plan

At the end of the day, a restaurant is a business, and an effective and well thought-out business plan needs to be devised in order to ensure the success of the restaurant. Doing a detailed business plan ensures that you bring into consideration and assess all the factors that go into developing the business and many that you might not have considered like licensing, health codes and tax laws. This process can bring into light the full details of what you’re getting into and you need to weigh these against your ability to fully commit to running a successful and thriving restaurant.

Author: Leo Preston is a writer and blogger, and she credits this article information to Rouselawyers.com.au – a business lawyer from Sydney, Australia.

Published: December 21, 2015

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