Create a Value Proposition by Knowing Your Target Audience

The next step in writing a value proposition is to identify your target audience and craft your message to them. Too many companies attempt to define their value proposition only in terms of their product. A product on its own, though, holds no value.

Essential Steps to Launch a Startup, Part 1

Launching a new start-up business is difficult and nerve-wracking even for those who know exactly what they're getting into. For those who have never gone into business for themselves, the entire start-up process can be overwhelming.

How to Recognize Your Value Proposition

At the heart of every successful business plan is a clear, concise, and concrete value proposition. This single statement sums up the entire foundation of your business, making it clear what you do and why you do it.

You Inherited the Family Business—Now What?

The baton is passed; the papers are signed; the nameplate on the door has been changed. The family business is now your business, and what you do with it over the next few months will help chart its course for generations to come.

Evaluating International Risk

A big reason why most small businesses don't approach foreign markets is because of the myriad risks associated with global operations. While international risk is certainly not something to take lightly, a careful assessment of the primary dangers that your business faces will ensure that you're ready for whatever challenges you might face.

VIDEO: Get Unstuck

What you need is a better way of planning a complex project. A way that's not overwhelming, helping you stay committed to reaching your goal. Here's a simple 4 step process to help you take control of any project, no matter how overwhelming, and start making immediate progress towards completing it.

4 Ways to Make Your Business Plan Stand Out to Investors

When a start-up presents a business plan, it's the job of a savvy potential investor to poke as many holes in it as possible. They don't need to figure out why they should risk their hard-earned, non-refundable money into your start-up business.

8 Ways to Rock Your Business, From the Founder of Rock ‘n’ Roll Fantasy...

You don't have to have an international rock star headlining your idea in order to know if it's worth pursuing, nor do you need a million dollars to make it a success. Through my experiences developing concerts, tours, and Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp, I've discovered that great ideas all share four common characteristics.

How to Choose Your Own Venture

As a professor of social entrepreneurship and an entrepreneur, people often approach me with all their ideas. They get overwhelmed with how to start choosing their first venture (or second, for that matter). Whether you are new to entrepreneurship or starting another venture, you begin the same way.

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Location for Your Business

When deciding where to locate your startup, there are a number of factors to consider. With no clear right or wrong answer, I've put together a list of questions to ask yourself when choosing a location for your startup.

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