Benefits of Attending Conferences and Conventions

Professional conventions and conferences are a good platform to get trained, interact with people, and learn new ways of conducting businesses. Managers can greatly benefit by attending professional conventions and conferences.

Why People Need to Talk to People

None of us ever has an original idea. Everything we know and think of ultimately comes from what we see, what we read, and what we hear. So what better way is there to get new ideas than to go out and engage with more people, more sources of information?

Use This Invention from 1870 to Build Relationships (and Links)

Yes, you guessed it. The phone. Picking up the phone to have a conversation is nothing new. People have been doing it for quite some time and, turns out, it still works! Email and social media platforms are great, but hearing someone's voice adds character to a conversation.

7 Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Like to Work Alone

You can't win as an entrepreneur working alone. You need to have business relationships with team members, investors, customers, and a myriad of other support people. That doesn't mean you have to be a social butterfly to succeed, or introverts need not apply.

Your Elevator Pitch is Costing You Clients: Here’s How to Fix It

Defining what you do is way more difficult than doing what you do. Delivering the value to your client is easy—but being able to describe to a complete stranger what you do and how you do it, so that they are sufficiently impressed to want to hire you?

Why Face-to-Face Networking Works Best

Because of my passion for networking—doing it, talking about it, teaching it, coaching it—I have lots of opportunities to chat with various people about how they view this important professional skill and how they go about growing their networks.

Traveling to Conventions and Conferences: Smart Travel Tips

Traveling for work purposes like traveling to conventions and conferences can be quite a hassle, especially when you have to travel without advance notice. Last minute plans of traveling can make you forget essential items in a hurry or can even make you reach the airport late.

The 4 Best Ways to Maintain a Business Partnership

Starting a business all on your own can prove to be one of the more difficult occupation paths to take on. Thankfully, new entrepreneurs will find that the more people they add to their team from investors to employees and partners, the easier it is to run a business.

We Have to Earn Our Audience’s Attention

Too many businesses believe that social media networks are simply places they need to put a placeholder in. Like a flag that says, "Look, we exist here too," and then go to some autopilot shout into the abyss mentality. The core idea behind Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or any of the other networks out there is connection.

Why Improving the Customer Experience Matters: A Love Story

Creating a love affair with your customer takes time, patience and empathy. This is a journey that involves new discoveries, exploration and mutual benefit; there will be ups and downs that you, your team and your customers will experience along the way.

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