Entrepreneurs Need More Relationships and Fewer Friends

Successful entrepreneurs understand the difference between a good business relationship with more people and having more friends. In fact, the focus on social networking...

Using Promotional Items to Build Client Relationships

A friend of a friend gave his wife a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Relating this story to me, my friend wondered out loud how...

Why We Still Need Business Cards

The demise of the 3½ x 2? business card is a myth. If you're working, you still need a business card. Why? Here are seven good reasons.

3 Things to Avoid When Engaging a Decision-Maker

Success! You finally achieve the introduction to the decision-maker you have been waiting for. Here are three tips to make sure that your first meeting goes the right way, and builds the foundation for the future.


Often when we think about "Presence," we think about a person's bearing or how they present themselves. There are some people who seem to have tremendous presence.

6 Ways to Make Networking Worth Your While

Networking is not about collecting as many business cards as possible. It's about making good, sustainable connections. Getting your name out there is all well and good, but making sure it's remembered is the true key to networking success.

Understanding Uncertainty is Vital to an Entrepreneur

Pop quiz: what relationship factor is the single most common trait in the successful entrepreneur? My answer: understanding uncertainty. Living with uncertainty Why? First let me say that...

What is Deal Loyalty?

True loyalty programs are built on the basis of establishing a long-term positive relationship between the company and the customer and is not accomplished with a single "deal" or even multiple "deals."

Building a Brand through Partners

When you first start out as an entrepreneur, you have no brand. But while your business doesn’t have an established brand identity, there are other organizations that do. Align yourself with those organizations and you can use their preexisting brand identity to develop your own reputation.

Keep in Tune with Your Customers over the Holidays

For most people, the holidays are a busy time filled with family, parties, and travel. Business people are often faced with a dilemma: Enjoy some time off and lose business, or work through the holidays and cheat your family?

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