Do You Meet People and Subscribe Them to Your List?

Dear Business Person I Just Met, It was lovely to meet you at that business networking (or other) event. When I gave you my business...

Maximize Your Giving by Avoiding Takers

The difference between givers who climb the success ladder and those who struggle comes in who they do their giving to. The most successful givers are strategic when they give: they will give generously to fellow givers as well as to takers, but they will be very cautious about giving to takers.

What Your Customers Say About Your Brand Really Matters

If you’ve been lead to believe that social media marketing and other channels are THE way to grow your business or nonprofit, then you’d...

Your Elevator Pitch is Costing You Clients: Here’s How to Fix It

Defining what you do is way more difficult than doing what you do. Delivering the value to your client is easy—but being able to describe to a complete stranger what you do and how you do it, so that they are sufficiently impressed to want to hire you?

How to Make the Most Out of That Business Conference, Part 1

Successful management and delivery of an engaging and valuable business conference can be both a gratifying and stressful experience. There are many details to coordinate and inherent challenges to overcome but the experience doesn't have to drive you crazy!

We Have to Earn Our Audience’s Attention

Too many businesses believe that social media networks are simply places they need to put a placeholder in. Like a flag that says, "Look, we exist here too," and then go to some autopilot shout into the abyss mentality. The core idea behind Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or any of the other networks out there is connection.

5 Great Ways to Say Thanks to Your Customers

The holiday season is just past, but many small business owners, myself included, are searching for ways to say thanks to our customers and clients.

What Is a Sales Alliance, And How Can It Help You?

The cost of marketing your business to new customers is a huge expense for small businesses, and the results are uncertain while you’re spending the money. One way to use your resources more efficiently and market directly to people who are interested in your product or service is through a sales alliance.

Elements of an Effective Coach

The journey to building a successful and thriving business is difficult. Business coaching is perceived as a roadmap for success and a benefit. It’s...

How to Pitch [Infographic]

If you have the next big idea, you're going to figure out how to spread the word. Usually it starts with a pitch to the media letting them know there's this great new idea that is going to revolutionize everything.

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