How to Build Business Relationships That Give You the Advantage

One of the biggest assets a person can have in business is relationship building skills. No matter the industry you are in, those who are specifically good at networking always seem to have the head start. They end up getting the best jobs, closing the most deals, and having the most opportunities in whatever they do.

10 Reasons to Attend a Conference

I frequently hear distributors say that they can not justify the cost of attending national conference. There are LOTS of reasons to attend a conference both regionally or nationally

Understanding Uncertainty is Vital to an Entrepreneur

Pop quiz: what relationship factor is the single most common trait in the successful entrepreneur? My answer: understanding uncertainty. Living with uncertainty Why? First let me say that...

5 Tips for Attending an Overseas Business Conference

When preparing for a business conference overseas, first and foremost; know something about your destination either by reference or Internet research. You should also...

Cultural Sensitivity: How to Approach International Executives

Whether you're an entrepreneur with international exposure or you've merely heard stories about cultural diversity, I'm sure you're aware of how delicate interactions can be in a foreign environment.

Modern Mentors: Navigating Mentorship in the Digital Age

Mentorship is as old as human society, perhaps even older. Before written communication, the only way information was passed down was from one person...

Tips to Stretch Your Trade Show Budget, Part 1

Many businesses have come to realize that trade shows are an indispensable part of their marketing/sales process. Although there is a lot of value...

How to Work with Difficult But Important Business Clients

All small business owners have had experiences with difficult clients. It’s a fact of life when you run your own company. Whether these clients...

Maximize Your Giving by Avoiding Takers

The difference between givers who climb the success ladder and those who struggle comes in who they do their giving to. The most successful givers are strategic when they give: they will give generously to fellow givers as well as to takers, but they will be very cautious about giving to takers.

10 Simple Tips for Successful Informal Networking

There are plenty of formal networking tips worth sharing, but for now I would like to share with you my top tips for informal networking. I am a firm believer in the philosophy of ALWAYS being on the lookout and ready to meet new people.

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