Elements of an Effective Coach

The journey to building a successful and thriving business is difficult. Business coaching is perceived as a roadmap for success and a benefit. It’s...

What Your Customers Say About Your Brand Really Matters

If you’ve been lead to believe that social media marketing and other channels are THE way to grow your business or nonprofit, then you’d...

Building a Brand through Partners

When you first start out as an entrepreneur, you have no brand. But while your business doesn’t have an established brand identity, there are other organizations that do. Align yourself with those organizations and you can use their preexisting brand identity to develop your own reputation.

The Benefits of Holding Your Own Convention

When you attend a traditional convention, they will make crucial decisions about the specific agenda, topics to be covered, speakers, venue, etc. This is fine, but it leaves you very little choice. You must find and attend a conference that mostly suits your needs, and it may or may not be in location that has any interest for you.

Opportunities Knock Unexpectedly

One doesn't always have to be in a formal networking situation to be able to network. You don't always need an after-work event to learn about the people around you. Opportunities present themselves on a regular and daily basis.

The Faces of Our Customers

Recently, I’ve been trying something new when I meet with clients. I ask, “When was the last time you visited your customers–in a non...

The Best Use of Your Time

Now that we are a month into 2018, are you still looking for ways you can kick-start your business successes, sales and marketing wins?  One...

The Bottom Line Effect of Caring for Your Customers

Top sales people don't just get to where they are because they make a lot of calls, or because they know the best closing techniques. In most cases, their clients have come to see them less as commission earners and more as trusted partners.

Cole Slaw, Carrots, and Limiting Beliefs

We’ve often explored the concept of Belief Systems and how our personal way of understanding and relating to the world — typically on an unconscious level...

4 Key Negotiation Tips for Small Business Owners

Being a solid negotiator is a trait most successful small business owners possess. In many instances, coming to an agreement or making a deal with someone can literally be the difference between making substantial income and struggling to get by financially.

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