Opportunities Knock Unexpectedly

One doesn't always have to be in a formal networking situation to be able to network. You don't always need an after-work event to learn about the people around you. Opportunities present themselves on a regular and daily basis.

Use This Invention from 1870 to Build Relationships (and Links)

Yes, you guessed it. The phone. Picking up the phone to have a conversation is nothing new. People have been doing it for quite some time and, turns out, it still works! Email and social media platforms are great, but hearing someone's voice adds character to a conversation.

A Real Partnership is Win-Win

We all need partners—but we don’t all know what it takes to create a lasting partnership. The key is building relationships. When you build a powerful partnership based on a relationship, you will look for ways to make it win-win for all partners—otherwise, it will never last!


Often when we think about "Presence," we think about a person's bearing or how they present themselves. There are some people who seem to have tremendous presence.

8 Basic But Effective Conversation Ice Breakers for Networking Events

The art of starting a conversation is one that we rarely make a conscious effort to improve upon. It's one of those skills that most people just get good at through constant repetition, or end up being one of those folks who always need a good wing-man (or woman) to make new introductions and get conversations flowing.

Build a Referral Network for Your Business in 4 Easy Steps

In order to succeed, a business leader should establish a connection based on trust with other business persons within his/her industry. While running a marketing...

3 Ways Co-Marketing Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

Co-marketing is helpful for a business of any size, but it’s a necessity for small businesses. Why? Traditionally, small business might be lucky to...

Read the Label When Networking

Your primary job is to concentrate solely on your conversational partner, listening carefully to what they say and then creating what we call a "meaty" conversation.

Just How Powerful an Influencer Are You?

I define Influence as the ability to move a person(s) to a desired action, usually within the context of a specific goal. Ultimate Influence™ is the ability to get the results you want when dealing with others while helping them feel genuinely good...about themselves, about the situation, and about you.

How Much Are Your Customer Relationships Worth?

There's always a lot of argument about the way companies value their customer relationships as a percent of the value of the company. The value of customer relationships falls into the category of an intangible asset when looking at the balance sheet of a Corporation.

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