The Thrivers

I've been studying David Neagle's amazing book, The Millions Within and I think this passage from near the end of the book is one of the most terrific I've ever read:

Incumbency is Not a Strategy

When you first onboard a new customer, you immediately enter the honeymoon period. You're thrilled to be working with them, and they're thrilled to have your products or services.

How to Use Gifts to Win Business and Snag Referrals

Gifts can be powerful. They can brighten someone's day, communicate friendship, and keep romantic relationships fresh and exciting. When applied to the business world, giving gifts to prospects or clients can turn leads into clients and relationships into referrals.

Are You Striking Deals or Forming Strategic Relationships?

Language – if we listen carefully –reveals a lot about the changes happening in society, and business is, of course, an important part of...

4 Surefire Ways to Ramp Up Your Networking Results

Getting started as a small business owner is tough enough. You’re trying to build a solid team, perfect your product, and create a marketing...

5 Reasons to Love Event Marketing

All businesses should be targeting new customers using a number of different mediums: through social media; PPC advertising; print advertising; telesales; but what about...

Why Face-to-Face Networking Works Best

Because of my passion for networking—doing it, talking about it, teaching it, coaching it—I have lots of opportunities to chat with various people about how they view this important professional skill and how they go about growing their networks.

You Need Customer Feedback to Grow Your Business

The saying that "the customer is always right" has taken a different shape in the modern age. Today the customer is not only the...

Biscuits and Networking

There are an abundance of articles and studies that support the claims that F2F networking is an important and vital skill for personal and professional success. What interests me is that if this is such a critical knowledge base, why isn't it taught more formally?

6 Ways to Land a Partnership with a Fortune 100 Company

Landing a partnership with a Fortune 100 company could be the deal that puts your startup on the map. It could be the difference between linear and exponential growth; landing a big round of funding or plugging away as a bootstrapped company. It could mean a 10X or 3X revenue multiple or whether your kids attend private or public school.

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