What Your Customers Say About Your Brand Really Matters

If you’ve been lead to believe that social media marketing and other channels are THE way to grow your business or nonprofit, then you’d...

A Real Partnership is Win-Win

We all need partners—but we don’t all know what it takes to create a lasting partnership. The key is building relationships. When you build a powerful partnership based on a relationship, you will look for ways to make it win-win for all partners—otherwise, it will never last!

How to Turn Your Best Customers into Referral Machines

You want to invest your time and effort where you know you will find your best prospects. But how, exactly, will you find those best prospects?

7 Tips for Winning Brand Loyalty

Are your clients faithful to your brand? Or are you just another option in the saturated sea of product and service providers in your...

16 Tips for Networking Smarter

If networking intimidates you—or you think you’re all set and don’t need to do it to begin with!—think again. Refer back to these tips the next time you’re looking for a reference for a personal or business service, a job lead, a new hire, or any number of other things a strong network can provide.

The Loyal Bird Catches the Worm: Rewarding Your Repeat Customers

The great thing about being a small business owner is getting to know your customers. The folks who come into your shop frequently or contact you on a regular basis are the ones whose stories you remember and whose favorite brand of leather boots you keep in stock.

Why Bother with Loyalty?

Some research suggests the customer loyalty may not be enough. A study was done by Timothy Keiningham, Lerzan Aksoy, Alexander Buoye, and Bruce Cooil...

7 Lessons Learned from a Failed Business Partnership

Over the last two years, I've learned a lot about partnerships—what works, what doesn't—and I wanted to pass on those lessons learned. These insights will be beneficial for you if you're thinking about forming a business partnership, or if you're already in a partnership.

The Bottom Line Effect of Caring for Your Customers

Top sales people don't just get to where they are because they make a lot of calls, or because they know the best closing techniques. In most cases, their clients have come to see them less as commission earners and more as trusted partners.

Understanding Uncertainty is Vital to an Entrepreneur

Pop quiz: what relationship factor is the single most common trait in the successful entrepreneur? My answer: understanding uncertainty. Living with uncertainty Why? First let me say that...

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