3 Ways Co-Marketing Can Help Your Small Business Thrive

Co-marketing is helpful for a business of any size, but it’s a necessity for small businesses. Why? Traditionally, small business might be lucky to...

6 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Next Client Meeting

Meeting a new client can be very intimidating. It's easy to get caught up with everything you want to accomplish or even go off...

Start Dancing with the Stars

Customers and clients are what drive business success, and networking should be your #1 marketing tool because it's THE most cost-effective! The problem is that most people would rather have a colonoscopy than attend a networking event...so they simply rely on social networking sites.

5 Benefits to Joining Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Has your local chamber of commerce representative approached you about becoming a member? Not sure if it’s worthwhile? Joining your local chamber of commerce has...

How to Invest Time in Creating Meaningful Relationships

Recently, I’ve been wrestling with some paradoxes. On the one hand, you can’t give others what you don’t have. So if you’re completely undisciplined...

Press Release Partnerships: Worth the Effort?

Many of us make it a priority to find and partner with companies that can add to our offering or extend our reach. And...

Hone Your Networking Skills During the Holidays

While networking skills are critical for internal connections, getting referrals, finding a job, seeking clients, solidifying relationships with existing clients, and increasing spheres of influence, the holidays provide the opportunity to be comfortable and simply...connect.

Is LinkedIn Your Best Networking Tool?

Networking is key to running a small business. You want your name and your company out there for others to find and use. Social media is a great way to do this, and one of the best tools is LinkedIn.

Marketing Tips: The Power of Customer Testimonies

An important part of marketing is knowing how to leverage your current customer base in order to gain more customers. When people are thrilled with the work you've done, they will refer others.

Cultural Sensitivity: How to Approach International Executives

Whether you're an entrepreneur with international exposure or you've merely heard stories about cultural diversity, I'm sure you're aware of how delicate interactions can be in a foreign environment.

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