How to Make the Most Out of That Business Conference, Part 2

Part 1 of this article outlined steps for organizing your conference and planning for contingencies. In Part 2, you'll continue with a sequence of execution steps to make your conference happen—and remain stress-free in the process.

Do You Meet People and Subscribe Them to Your List?

Dear Business Person I Just Met, It was lovely to meet you at that business networking (or other) event. When I gave you my business...

Charging Customers for Loyalty

Customer loyalty is a goal for any company that wants to be successful. Countless studies have shown the financial benefits of having loyal customers over having to continuously attract new customers. There are a variety of ways to achieve customer loyalty, and some of these include:

How to Master the Art of the Follow-Up

You’ve attended a networking event. Now what? You have a pocket full of business cards and no idea what to do with them. Business cards have...

Tips to Stretch Your Trade Show Budget, Part 2

Even though trade shows have proven to be a lucrative and profitable option for many businesses, it is not uncommon for exhibitors to be...

Getting the Most Out of Your Mentor–Mentee Relationships

As you already know, the internet is chock-full of advice on how to boost your career success. While most of these are helpful (I’ve...

Why We All Need Each Other

Have you ever gotten stuck in an endless loop in your own head? The antidote to many productivity death spirals is a brisk walk around the block, or a moment of meditation. When these techniques don't work, I suggest reaching out to a peer mentor.

How to Use Gifts to Win Business and Snag Referrals

Gifts can be powerful. They can brighten someone's day, communicate friendship, and keep romantic relationships fresh and exciting. When applied to the business world, giving gifts to prospects or clients can turn leads into clients and relationships into referrals.

Incumbency is Not a Strategy

When you first onboard a new customer, you immediately enter the honeymoon period. You're thrilled to be working with them, and they're thrilled to have your products or services.

10 Qualities I’d Look for in a Business Partner

Here are 10 qualities I'd look for in a future business partner: Integrity. The whole truth, not just the good news. Actually I want to...

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