5 Business Risks in a Hyper-Connected World

Businesses have to look at risks, access the capabilities and install security to prevent attacks or infiltrations. Despite all the good intentions and knowledge of security issues, most businesses are lax with risk management.

Creating and Implementing a Safety Program

Creating a safety program for your workplace can be an overwhelming task. It can seem like there are innumerable ways employees can hurt themselves—and just as many OSHA regulations to prevent injuries from happening. Where do you start and how do you know where to go?

How Small Businesses Can Survive Natural Disasters

One in four businesses hit by a natural disaster never recover. Read below for facts and tips to make sure your business is prepared for the worst.

At What Point Should Your Business Consider Small Fleet Insurance?

No matter how small, your business might rely on commercial vehicles to survive. Whether to transport goods, visit customers, or indeed transport customers, commercial vehicles are important assets to the business.

Fraud is No Small Business

It's unfortunate but true: fraud happens to small businesses all across the country. Whether it is employee theft or false injury claims, your small business must be prepared for any fraudulent claims that come its way.

Making the Most of Your Business Insurance

When it comes to business insurance, cost is usually the thing at the forefront of every business owner's mind. While keeping costs to a minimum is important in every aspect of startup, truly making the most of your business insurance is about getting value for your money, and the best deal rather than the cheapest.

Is Your Office an Injury Waiting to Happen?

How safe is your small business office? When it comes to injuries at work, you might think of construction sites or other more hazardous workplaces, but in fact the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that around 76,000 office workers fall victim to disabling injuries each year.

Preventing Fraud and Embezzlement

In the past year there have been numerous reports of fraud and embezzlement, mostly involving small businesses. These can be prevented by a few low cost controls.

Minimizing Small Business Risks: What Every Owner Can Do

If you own or operate a small business, it's important to minimize the risks you, your customers, and your employees may face during the course of each business day.

Be Prepared: 6 Details That Can Shut Down a Small Business

Whether your business is in its first year, or going strong and turning a consistent profit, here are six details to keep an eye on. Overlooking these business aspects can cause financial hardship, decrease your profits, or even lead to having to close your doors permanently.

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