A Brief Guide on Workers’ Compensation

From incidents such as a fractured bone or arthritis to the most unfortunate cases, up to and including death, both employees and employers should...

6 Surprises That Can Shut Down Your Small Business

One moment you are running a successful business, and the next moment your company is shut down. It happens every day in this country....

10 Strategies to Minimize the Perils of a Startup

There is an old saying that good lawyers run away from risk, while good businessmen run towards risk. Entrepreneurs see “no risk” as meaning...

What Types of Insurance Does Your Small Business Need?

It’s never been easy running a small business. The risks you face as an entrepreneur start to affect you the day you register and...

4 Incidents That Could Torpedo Your Business

You had a vision, and you're now up and running, but you've been running on a tight shoestring budget for a few years. You're...

5 Kinds of Risk in Building Your Business

If you could predict a crisis within your business before its occurrence, wouldn't you move to prevent or reduce its impact? Making such predictions is a skill that can be developed, and here's one method of doing so.

How to Flood Proof Your Phone System

Recently, Houston has been experiencing a tremendous amount of flooding. River levels are steadily rising. What was once your neighborhood pond is now your neighborhood lake.

How to Combat Small Business Fraud

Fraud can be hugely costly for a business, and any organization strives to detect and defend against business fraud. The factors that drive people and employees to commit fraud are complex,

Safety in the Workplace: 6 Dangers to Know

One of the most important things any manager should uphold in the workplace is safety. Without a safe work environment, you are putting the lives and well-being of your employees on the line.

Don’t Depend On Homeowner’s Insurance for Your Home-Based Business

Here's a scenario for anyone running a home-based business: The UPS guy makes a business delivery to your house, but slips, falls and sues. Are you covered by your homeowner's or renter's insurance?
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