Increase Your Customer Loyalty with a Contact Center

Next generation contact centers have the ability to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the consumer experience, which in turn increases one of the most important components of having a successful business—customer loyalty.

What’s Your Customer Service Legend?

Do you have a legendary customer service story? If you do, don't keep it to yourself. Share it to inspire your employees and motivate customers to want to do business with you.

How to Get Your Customer to Pay 10% More: Easy Service!

A recent Avaya study showed that 66% of customers will STOP spending money with you if your service is inconvenient. The study further points out that what is truly at stake is the lifetime value of that customer. If a customer feels that an experience is low effort and efficient, they appreciate it.

Even in Crisis, Outstanding Customer Experiences Can Put Companies on Top

Not delivering an outstanding customer experience can lead to unfavorable opinions about a brand, and even an entire industry. Many small businesses don't prepare for a crisis, leaving them susceptible to public criticism and the potential loss of customers and revenue.

Encourage Complaints To Improve Customer Service

Some companies track a monthly “complaints and compliments ratio” for each branch, store, department, country or station. This approach has a fundamental flaw when it comes to customer service training.

What’s Inconvenient Customer Service Costing You?

Avaya this week announced the results of a Customer Effort Impact Survey that highlights how the amount of work a customer exerts to obtain service affects business priorities of revenue and market growth, brand loyalty, and operational margins.

Are There Any Customer Service Absolutes?

Customer service would be easy if absolutes such as these were indeed true. In today's highly interactive world of customized customer service, nothing could be LESS needed than training in such fallible absolutes.

The Heart of Customer Service is Respect

Excellence comes out of respect, which is at the heart of customer service. It starts with internal service; treating the employees with the same respect and attitude as you would want the customer treated. You can't expect the customer to experience excellence if you don't first create excellence internally.

The Customer Service Training Success Equation

When you invest in customer service training, you naturally want results. The sad truth is that many times there are no lasting results from business training programs. Sometimes this can be the fault of a poor instructor or materials, but more often it is a result of how training fits into a bigger business picture.

Is Customer Service the New Marketing?

The line between customer service and marketing is becoming blurred, and some companies are even counting customer service as a marketing expense. Although in the past there were definitive marketing and customer service "departments," it makes sense to acknowledge their relationship and interaction for the overall good of the company.

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