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“Of Course!” Customer Service in Two Words

By: Teresa Allen


This summer, my husband and I had the great opportunity to cross an item off our bucket list and visit Greece. It is an amazing country with astonishing vistas and wonderful people.

When traveling, I always observe how hospitality and customer service makes me like or dislike a location or business. Let me tell you, customer service and memorable hospitality is alive and thriving in Greece! Both in the busy city of Athens, and in the idyllic villages of Oia and Fira on the Island of Santorini, my husband and I experienced a country and a culture that was very obviously in earnest to serve those visiting from afar.
I can recall literally dozens of close encounters on the front lines of restaurants, attractions, lodging and retail that surpassed our expectations. On the long flight home, this customer service speaker and consultant did her normal obsessive mind review of what exactly made those customer service encounters special. In doing so, a single phrase kept coming to mind… “Of course!” You see, no matter what we requested or needed, the response was often just these two words uttered in a fabulous Greek accent and accompanied by a broad smile.
“Could you recommend a sailing company?” … “Of course!”
“Could you arrange transfer of our luggage?” … “Of course!”
“Could we get more towels?” … “Of course!”
“Could you ship this bowl to U.S.?” … “Of course!”
“Do you recommend the Moussaka?” … “Of course!”
Even though I heard this phrase dozens of times, it never felt forced or rehearsed; it always came across as heartfelt and sincere. When I think of these two simple words, it reminds me of the warm feeling that I felt every time I heard the phrase. My subconscious mind kept saying… “I LOVE this place!” True, the ruins of Athens and the breathtaking vistas of the Greek Isles are amazing, but the PEOPLE are what put Greece forever in my heart and in my list of places where I would like to return. 
What words do you use to show your customers that you LOVE serving them? As we move past National Customer Service Week, have this discussion with your front line staff. Build a mindfulness that every customer close encounter is a chance to build a bridge to the next customer service encounter and the next sale for your business. The foundation of that bridge can be built on the words that demonstrate to customers that you are not just paid to serve them, but rather DELIGHT in doing so.
Since I have been home, many friends have asked, “Would you recommend going to Greece?”
My answer? “OF COURSE!”
This article was originally published by Allen Speaks
Published: October 17, 2014

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