How to Delegate to Boost Your Small Business Growth

Absent of delegating many of the jobs within your business, the only way to grow the top line is to raise your prices. You could increase sales, but to achieve that in any great measure, you would have convert more prospects, which will take more people.

Social CEO-ing to Create Customer Champs

Stop thinking of yourself as an ‘employee' of any organization. In reality, you can never be. You are what you are—a living, thinking, caring human. This is exactly you must convey to your customers, that ‘hey, I am not a robot, wanting all the money in your pocket.'

The Greatest Secret of the Magnetic Person

One secret and irresistible quality of magnetic people is that they're grateful. They are genuinely thankful, and it shows in their interactions with others. Even though we don't usually think of gratefulness as a major personality trait, it actually goes a long way towards shaping who we are.

Empowering Employees

I have set a goal to read (or re-read) 1 business book every 2 weeks. I recently reread “Customer Mania!” by Ken Blanchard since...

An Off-Site That Motivates Employees to Inspire

I wake up in the morning rested, alert, happy and excited to start my day. If I didn't, I know exactly what I wouldn't do: attend a typical off-site retreat jam packed with unproductive discussions not aligned with my objectives and goals.

3 Key Elements of a Strong Change Management Framework

Realizing a need for change and having a plan to stimulate change are very different. Making any type of change to the status quo...

Consciously Receiving

Both in business and personally you focus on providing lots of value to others. You enjoy doing so. It is part of your value system.

4 Ways to Handle Conflict in Your Workplace

No matter how hard you work, you’re going to experience conflict in your workplace. It’s an inevitable part of being in charge. However, in...

Losing Out? How to Keep Your Millennial Employees Invested

As a manager, one of your greatest challenges is finding ways to keep your Millennial employees invested in your company. According to a recent...

Engage and Honor Employees for a Happy and Trustworthy Brand – Part 2

Last week in Part 1, we looked at how unhappy employees can affect your brand. Every employee touchpoint conveys your brand to customers. So, how do you create internal customer (employee) centrism?
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