Yes, You Should Care Whether Your Employees Like You

Some leaders will say that they don't care about being liked, but I can tell you from personal experience that making an effort to win over your employees, earn their trust, and make them happy can make a huge difference in your company.

8 Coaching Myths to Avoid in Building Your Team

Business productivity is all about having the right people, even though I’m bombarded daily with online tools and mobile apps that promise to solve...

Focus on Character Not Competence

In my experience as a leadership change consultant, character always wins—too often people are hired for competence, but fired for character. This is why it's important to ensure your recruitment process is focused on finding and hiring people who share the same values as your organization.

Servant Salespersonship

Some of the more cynical (or perhaps worn down) of you will misread the title, thinking, “Dave, we’re already slaves to our jobs, managers,...

How Not To Lead

As much as a business owner should focus on the right behaviors, it is also important to be aware of the wrong behaviors. With few ways to succeed in business and a thousand ways to mess up, evidence suggests that people are more likely to remember what you did wrong than what you did right.

Top Tips for Productive Delegation

How often do you find yourself complaining about how busy you are? Stop to think about it. Contrary to popular belief, work overload is not necessarily a badge of honor.

Thanking Your Employees is Smart Business

I’m all for appreciating our clients. At MMG, we created a special holiday with just that intention in mind called Who Loves Ya Baby Day....

Your Business Could Be Suffering Because You’re a Bad Boss

The high-level of stress entrepreneurs deal with often precludes them from seeing how they interact with their team members. If you're a bad boss, not only do your employees suffer, but so does your business.

Leadership Skills: 5 Expectations Your Team Has for You as a Leader

Leaders help create powerful, cohesive teams that enable organizations to achieve their targets. Part of being a great leader is understanding what the members...

How is Your Corporate and Personal Credibility?

A friend of mine recently told me his story of how his very career rests on his credibility with his major supplier–partners. He stated...

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