When First Becomes Last

Lately we've looked at placing other peoples' interests first and how, far from being self-sacrificial, it's actually the key to building successful business and personal relationships.

Yes, You Should Care Whether Your Employees Like You

Some leaders will say that they don't care about being liked, but I can tell you from personal experience that making an effort to win over your employees, earn their trust, and make them happy can make a huge difference in your company.

Incentives and Unintended Consequences

Incentives can be a mighty force in any organization. When properly structured, incentives can cleanly and clearly align the goals of the individual with that of the organization.

The Heroic Event

The small and mid-sized companies I work with consistently deliver on their promises to customers. These promises are important, but they are promises made outside the organization.

Is Your Leadership Style Alienating Your Team?

Your toughness, single-mindedness and take-no-prisoners attitude helped you become a successful entrepreneur. But now, just as it should all be coming together, something is not right.

Your Business Could Be Suffering Because You’re a Bad Boss

The high-level of stress entrepreneurs deal with often precludes them from seeing how they interact with their team members. If you're a bad boss, not only do your employees suffer, but so does your business.

Don’t Manage “What” without “Why”

Empowering your direct reports with the reasons for your orders gives them incentive to act, motivation to accept authority, and purpose behind action. I try to teach this with the simple phrase that is the headline of this insight.

10 Tips to Create More Powerful Employee Engagement, Part 2

It's essential that your team members know what's expected of them. When they start, generally they're given a job description but that's not enough. Clear expectations set the standards and means there's no confusion and everyone is working towards the same goal.

How to Delegate to Boost Your Small Business Growth

Absent of delegating many of the jobs within your business, the only way to grow the top line is to raise your prices. You could increase sales, but to achieve that in any great measure, you would have convert more prospects, which will take more people.

Are You the Leader if No One Follows?

Here is a variation of the “tree falls in the forest” question. In past insights, we’ve looked at leadership skills, ways to enhance effectiveness,...

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