80/20 Management

As managers, we are expected to lead, manage, and coach all our people—not just some of them. Our job is to maximize the performance of each person in our organization. So we have to pay attention to everyone, again making sure each is performing as best possible, meeting our performance expectations.

Focus on Your People’s Strengths?

There are a number of thoughtful articles suggesting we get better results in developing our people by focusing on their developing their strengths, not...

Top Tips for Productive Delegation

How often do you find yourself complaining about how busy you are? Stop to think about it. Contrary to popular belief, work overload is not necessarily a badge of honor.

5 Tools That Make You a Better Manager

When it comes to managing staff, you want every tool in your toolbox you can get. To that end, there are plenty of apps, software programs, dashboards, and technology tidbits that can cut down on your admin time and help you be the best manager possible.

Being Interesting

Millions of people hours are spent every day confronting the issue, “How do we get our customers to be interested in us?” Marketing spends millions...

5 Management Tips to Help Motivate Your Sales Team

For any company that relies on sales to keep the profits coming in each day, there's no doubt that having a motivated sales team...

4 Powerful Ways to Motivate Your Team

Inspiring leaders recognize that money is not the main reason people come to work. Sure, it's the primary motivator for why we work—but once the concept of comparable pay for comparable work has been addressed, it fails to inspire passion in the work place.

50 Ideas on How to Motivate Your Employees

A 2015 Gallup poll shows that in the United States over 50% of employees are not engaged, and 17.2% are actively disengaged. So how...

5 Simple Ways to Build a Loyal and Engaged Staff

As a business owner, you’ve probably spent a lot of time developing a set of core values for your company. You may have also...

How to Keep the Office Movin’ and Shakin’ During Slow Times

One of the best ways to gain one more customer is to keep your employees happy: your people who deal directly with the people. Here are three suggestions to keep everyone in the office enthusiastic in those less-than-exciting times of the year.

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