Deny Your Past, Risk Your Future

We all have relationships in our life that run out of gas. Sometimes there is a clear break and other times we just move on to different things and the relationship atrophies and goes away.

Trust is a Business Asset

The impact of trust on the economy can be witnessed at the corporate level. Bear Stearns, AIG, and Lehman Brothers were at one time considered trust-based businesses. Each of these companies relied on the trust of the market to establish the firm's value.

The 4 Disciplines of Great Company Culture

The word "organization" and the word "organism" come from the same root word. Company culture bears many similarities to natural ecosystems. The way founders do business in the beginning of a startup are the seeds for what kind of company they will develop in two, five and ten years.

3 Ways to Get Honest Feedback from Your Team

We have a continuous feedback loop in our company, comprised of one-on-one meetings, weekly departmental updates, trust and transparency in all of our interactions. Even with all of that, there are times when people need to be pushed to provide honest feedback.

Do You Trust Your People Enough to Let Them Think?

It's odd, we interview people, anxious to hire the best and the brightest. Those people that have the proven track records, skills and experience to perform at the highest levels.

Teamwork is a Core Value

As with most things, building a team environment takes time and work. Start small by building teams that you know will be successful. You can then use that success to help spread the concept to the rest of the organization.

8 Features of a Healthy Virtual Culture

Being surrounded by an entire team that doesn't feel like they work for you can be a ridiculous blessing. But is there a magic formula that makes work feel like joy, happiness and fun all rolled into a single cupcake you can munch on all day long? You bet there is. It's culture talking. And walking.

Before You Can Be Customer Centric, You Must Be Employee Centric

Customers must be a company's top priority for it to succeed. But in order to have a truly customer-centric outlook, the same level of service must start within the organization with a dedication to employees.

Employee Engagement is the Key to Working Harder and Caring More

More than 2,300 years ago, Aristotle said, "Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work." If this were written in today's terms, it would fall under the heading of what we now call "employee engagement."

Great Leaders Take Responsibility

I have seen time and again how the committed take responsibility for their actions. In our high-litigation culture, there's always someone else to blame. It can be easy to point the finger at suppliers, underlings, partners, and managers that just can't seem to get things right.

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