10 Skills an Entrepreneur Needs to Get Things Done

Getting things done effectively in a startup requires total individual and team accountability. You can't afford excuses and multiple people doing the same job.

Get Your Presentation on with These Hot Tips

These steps can help fine tune your presentations if you haven't already incorporated them into your style. They're not major innovations but a reminder of the basics you can add or revisit in your next set of presentations.

The Power of Parables

If you have real stories that demonstrate behaviors you want to see modeled in your organization attributes, especially when imbued with emotional impact, they are priceless.

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Communication?

As leaders, we all understand the undeniable power of communication. While it's important to build a culture of communication within your business, it's equally important to understand its limitations, and when it can actually start to work against us. This is what it means to be an effective communicator.

Discover How Great Leaders Communicate

Whether you're leading your own team or an entire company, solid communication skills are an absolute must. It sounds obvious, but have you taken the time to analyze and work on what areas of communication are necessary to move your startup in a powerful direction?

How to Write with Authority

Why do some blogs get traction while others languish? And why are some people recognized as experts and others aren't? One factor is this: the ability (or inability) to write with authority.

Don’t Create a Disconnect for Your Customers

Remember: whether it is your Facebook presence, your website, your radio spots or how your phone is answered, every one of those choices either connects me closer to your brand or makes me notice the disconnect.

Listening Builds Trust

Listening is a fundamental skill of genuine success, and it's hard to be great or trusted without it. The benefits of listening include more trust, better understanding, stronger marriages, happier kids, and increased respect at work. Still, being a good listener is hard work!

How to be a Clear Communicator

To the extent that one shares meaning with another, the two parties communicated. Anyone familiar with the academic side of communication can tell you, it's very difficult for any two people, much less groups, to accurately convey meaning to one another.

5 Steps to Building a Culture of Communication

It's important to understand the gravity of effective communication in business, then build a culture around it. Putting great communication at the center of your business is the greatest way to ensure success.

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