7 Superb Communication Solutions for Small Business

One great thing about running a small business: communication can be immediate and effective. At the enterprise level, communication is slower. Employees are often...

How Difficult Is It to Reach You?

Is your organization’s telephone number and email address buried deep in its website? How difficult is it for people to reach you? The last thing you want is...

Getting Control of Your Email

The drive toward complex technical achievement offers a clue to why the U.S. is good at space gadgetry and bad at slum problems. ~John Kenneth...

Why Your Company Should Use Motivational Speakers

Motivation is an essential ingredient in any workplace. A motivated employee is likely to be happy and will certainly be more focused and productive....

Missing the Communication Target

I'll never forget when an early business mentor told me, "Burg, when the shooter misses the target...it ain't the target's fault." The older I get,...

How to Make Meetings More Productive (and Keep Your Team Energized)

We've all had them: Unproductive meetings. They're frustrating to everyone involved. These types of meetings leave people feeling drained, irritated, and overwhelmed.

How to Foster Productivity Through Communication and Transparency

I left the first company that I founded. My co-founder and I had different values, and without realizing it, we created two disconnected cultures within the same company.

Improve Team Communication with Brief, Daily Meetings

Increasing the speed of communications and receiving information in a timely manner was the name of the game, and I needed a platform to enable the flow of information.

Turning Adversity into Opportunity

In times of uncertainty, it is especially important to go above and beyond to strengthen employee engagement. Leaders may set the direction, but it is the people throughout the organization who make things happen.

Have You Identified Your Employees as a Key Target Audience?

I would suggest that communicating usually means creating and delivering messages to an audience. Further, I would suggest that what you really want to do is facilitate a conversation or a dialogue with your employee community.

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