Are Microloans Right for You?

When figuring out small business financing for your small business, consider how much money you truly need. If it is not that much, consider the possibility of a microloan.

Where to Go When the Bank Says No

A recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found 90 percent of small businesses have had their loan request rejected by...

7 Questions to Ask Your Lender

There are many moving parts when it comes to securing a small business loan, so there are naturally many things that you will need...

Turn Your Receivables into Cash Quicker Using Telecom Factoring

There’s no denying that maintaining a small or even a medium-sized business can be tough in this day and age. The telecommunications sector often...

3 Ways to Ease Cash Flow Worries

Cash flow concerns can beset companies of any size and standing but they can be particularly painful and damaging if you're a small business looking to make progress and reach a position of reliable sustainability.

Learn the Language of Merchant Cash Advances

For many business owners, merchant cash advance jargon can seem like a foreign language. With a little bit of explanation, however, you can be using the words like a pro and bantering confidently with people in the finance world.

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