Why Banks Deny Small Business Loans

There are many reasons why banks deny an applicant’s small business loan request. Unfortunately, this happens too often, even when the business idea is...

5 Tips for Dealing with Lenders

Whether money is needed to fund a new project or to expand on an existing one, the same rules apply with respect to gaining the attention and generosity of lenders.

How Can Small Business Lending Help Your Body Shop?

Is your auto repair shop having trouble with finding a small business lending provider? Don't worry, you're not alone. Once you receive financing from an alternative lender, you'll find that it will open a range of possibilities for your business.

When and From Where Should I Seek Business Funding?

There are many reasons why a business may require an injection of funds. Before you seek finance it is crucial that you establish whether...

Are Microloans Right for You?

When figuring out small business financing for your small business, consider how much money you truly need. If it is not that much, consider the possibility of a microloan.

6 Ways Alternate Lending is Quicker Than a Bank Loan

What's the difference between a bank and an alternative lender? One of the most significant is the different requirements banks place on small businesses...

SBA Loans for Veterans: MREIDL

The Small Business Administration has many helpful platforms and programs that are specifically geared towards veterans who are looking to engage in entrepreneurship and start their own small businesses. One such program is the Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan program (MREIDL).

5 Tips for Getting the Best Business Loan

As the job market and overall economy in general continue to improve, lenders seem to be beginning to loosen up capital for more and more business loans. Programs designed to incentivize banks to make loans to small businesses, in the hopes that those businesses will then use the cash influx to create jobs, make loans possible even for less-than-stellar applicants.

Looking for a Loan? Go Local, Small Business Owner, Go Local!

The first lesson a respected college professor taught his students was to not trust academic "experts." If you look at the track record of these so-called experts, it's never very impressive.

The Volcker Rule: Big Banks and Small Business Lending

Will the Volcker Rule end up having a significant impact on small business lending? Only time will tell. If you're a little confused about the rule and the role it's going to play in the small business sector, you're not alone.

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