How to Get a Loan for That Business You’ve Always Dreamed of Starting

Credit is more readily available in 2014 than it was in previous years. However, you still have to be smart and do everything you can to increase your chances of getting a start up business loan.

How to Apply for an Online Business Loan

Online lending can be complicated, with a few traps for the unwary. So if you’ve never searched for a loan online, you could benefit...

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Equipment Financing

Whether your business is product or service-based, having the necessary equipment is vital to keeping your venture operating smoothly. Replacing, upgrading or purchasing equipment...

9 Smartest Ways to Avoid Faulty Loans

Loans are vital for small businesses looking to grow and build their credit history. Yet obtaining an SMB loan isn’t easy, and many applicants...

5 Tips for Applying for an Online Loan

It’s no secret that small businesses are critical to the nation’s economic prosperity. After all, they employ nearly half of all U.S. workers. With...

5 Tips for Dealing with Lenders

Whether money is needed to fund a new project or to expand on an existing one, the same rules apply with respect to gaining the attention and generosity of lenders.

An Overview of Traditional Financing

When you're looking to raise funds to start or grow your small business, the usual place to start is the bank. Bank financing is a tried and true source of capital for many small businesses. Traditional financing will generally provide the most affordable, if not the easiest, access to the funding your business needs.

5 Tricks to Pay Off Business Debt and Recover from Financial Disaster

Are you overly worried about your small business debt? Well, you’re not alone. Nearly 50% of small businesses collapse because of the following reasons: ...

How Can an Entrepreneur Qualify for a Bank Loan?

Many entrepreneurs are convinced that banks are not worth the effort for startups, especially early-stage ones that still don't have a revenue stream, or collateral to back up their financing needs. A question I get all the time is, "Can I ever expect any backing from my bank for a great opportunity?"

Is a Merchant Cash Advance the Best Option for You?

The idea of merchant cash advances may seem quite appealing. Merchant cash advances tend to be known for their quick approval, acceptance of poorer credit scores, and reasonable repayment schedule.

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