4 Essential Steps to Modify Your Commercial Loan

Most small business owners have been accosted with a slew of real estate based troubles. While many have heard about residential loan modifications, small business owners may find themselves in a modification dilemma as well.

Momentum Ventures’ 3 Reasons Why Traditional Venture Capital Investment is Outdated

The venture capital space has a long history of funding some of the world’s largest businesses. For decades, venture capitalists have played poker with...

An Overview of Traditional Financing

When you're looking to raise funds to start or grow your small business, the usual place to start is the bank. Bank financing is a tried and true source of capital for many small businesses. Traditional financing will generally provide the most affordable, if not the easiest, access to the funding your business needs.

Can My Business Qualify for a Credit Line from the Bank?

One of my beloved business owners just asked, “Can my business qualify for a credit line from a bank, a traditional lender?” It matters because...

The Volcker Rule: Big Banks and Small Business Lending

Will the Volcker Rule end up having a significant impact on small business lending? Only time will tell. If you're a little confused about the rule and the role it's going to play in the small business sector, you're not alone.

Effective Small Business Lending Advice for Coffee Shops

Because so many Americans drink multiple cups a day, people are reliant on coffee shops and cafes for their daily caffeine intake. Are you doing your best to serve them well so they'll keep coming back?

Using Small Business Lending to Grow Your Business

How do small companies get the funding they need? Businesses often find it difficult to receive small business loans from a bank or other lending institutions. But once you get working capital for your business, what can you use it for?

Where to Go When the Bank Says No

A recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found 90 percent of small businesses have had their loan request rejected by...

Business Loans and Other Funding Options

If you conclude that your business needs more capital to sustain operations and fuel future growth, you have a wide range of options. There are traditional bank loans, but there are also many alternatives with different costs, terms, impacts on your credit rating, and application processes.

Why the Merchant Cash Advance May Be Right for You

Poor or nonexistent credit history is the thorn in many a new entrepreneur's side. It can be frustrating enough starting a brand-new business from scratch, but having a credit history that does not shine makes things even more difficult. Without a strong credit history, acquiring a loan is not easy.

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