Does the Success or Failure of Your Business Depend on Cash Flow?

Cash flow is simply the net change in a company's cash position from one period to the next. So, can something that sounds so mundane really mean the difference between the success or failure of your business?

6 Ways Alternate Lending is Quicker Than a Bank Loan

What's the difference between a bank and an alternative lender? One of the most significant is the different requirements banks place on small businesses...

Improving Your Business Credit Score

Your business’s credit score is based on the same principles as your personal score. But there are scenarios where your credit score may not accurately reflect your business’s financial stability. If you feel that is the case, here are some steps you can take to improve your score.

9 Smartest Ways to Avoid Faulty Loans

Loans are vital for small businesses looking to grow and build their credit history. Yet obtaining an SMB loan isn’t easy, and many applicants...

3 Ways to Ease Cash Flow Worries

Cash flow concerns can beset companies of any size and standing but they can be particularly painful and damaging if you're a small business looking to make progress and reach a position of reliable sustainability.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance Anyway?

If you're just getting into a business, perhaps your first foray into entrepreneurial territory at all, you'll probably hear the words "merchant cash advance" at some point along the way.

The Decline in Small Business Lending: Cause and Effect

Small business lending has declined significantly since the recession, but why? It's too easy and insufficient to just blame it on a poor economy. The truth is the economy is improving, business owners are optimistic and one would think that, with an improved economy, lending would increase.

SBA Loans for Veterans: MREIDL

The Small Business Administration has many helpful platforms and programs that are specifically geared towards veterans who are looking to engage in entrepreneurship and start their own small businesses. One such program is the Military Reservist Economic Injury Disaster Loan program (MREIDL).

Growth Requires a Different Kind of Capital

Growing companies usually require more working capital during their periods of rapid growth. In past insights we have calculated the amount of additional capital needed for a business as it grows, and the additional capital required is often surprisingly large.

What Are Small Business Lending Options for Sporting Goods Stores?

Sporting goods stores have no offseason; they're constantly adhering to customers' demands and purchasing inventory for every new season that comes. And like any small business, sporting goods stores need financing in order to keep up with the constant demand they face on a daily basis.

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