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How Touch Screens Can Benefit Retail Environments

By: Chloe Ward


How Touch Screens Can Benefit Retail Environments

Advancements in technology over recent years have meant that the retail industry has blossomed, providing consumers with more ways to purchase products than ever before. However, following a surge in technology, including purchasing through phones and tablets, overall sales in physical retail stores has dropped, with online sales continuously rising.

With this in mind, the retail sector appears to be turning towards the digital signage industry as a way to bring customers back into their shops to purchase products in person.

There will always be a certain interest in and desire for physical shops, particularly because of the ability to physically see products and choose whether or not you want to purchase them. Seeing a product with your own eyes offers much more than simply seeing it online, meaning that consumers can determine within a single second whether it is right for them.

As this is the case, retail businesses are hoping to add an element of technology, with touch screens the most popular, in order to create a more complete shopping experience.

The Benefits of Touch Screen Technology for Retail Businesses

Such improvements and developments in the technology industry have meant that businesses can add cost-effective touch screens to their stores, in order to benefit both the consumer and the business alike. Industrial touch screens can really add substance to a shopping experience, bringing great benefits to the business, including:

More Focused Advertisements of Products and Services – Touch screens are a great way of advertising your products and services, especially as the technology has much more depth to it than simple paper advertisements. The touch screen kiosks can be interactive in a way that customers can find out more information about certain products, as well as having detailed descriptions and photography that will appeal to the customers. The touch screens also allow you to push promotions, which customers are sure to appreciate, as well as coming back for more.

Customer Feedback – One of the best ways to develop your business and the way it operates is to listen to customers, and make changes based on their feedback. With touch screen technology, you will be able to gain feedback and ratings immediately after the customer’s experience with you, which helps to get a true reflection of the work that you are doing.

Increased Staff Productivity – A common way to use touch screens is to create self-service stations, where customers can pay for their products without the assistance of staff. This allows members of staff to focus on other areas of the store, such as customer service and sales, which improves the whole shopping experience, while increasing sales and making customers want to come back for more.

Published: July 9, 2018

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