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New Statistics Show Mobile Continues to Grow

Since our earliest reports on the mobile space, we’ve continued to watch the industry explode, and Affiliate Window’s latest mobile study is a perfect portrayal of that. According to their study, an ongoing collection and analysis of mobile data, nearly 20% Affiliate Window’s clicks in the month of September could be attributed to mobile devices, with numbers expected to rise as we approach the holiday season.

Mobile Continues to Grow
Inside Affiliate Window’s report for September 2013 are a number of graphics that detail mobile vs. non-mobile clicks, clicks by device type, a breakdown of different handsets over the past month/year, and a breakdown of different tablets over the past month/year. The same statistics for each criterion relative to sales are also broken down and depicted.
With all of this very real, and very detailed data assembled into one neat and organized PDF, industry trends become very noticeable, and offer great insight into where the mobile marketing industry is currently, as well as where it is headed. A few of the main takeaways from the report are:
  • Two in every 10 tablet clicks, and one in every 10 sales on a tablet, originated from an Android device.
  • September averaged 1,010 sales a day on Android tablets.
  • Every hour in the month of August, the iPhone generated 138 sales.
  • Mobile clicks were down 2% from August.
  • Mobile handsets continue to be the dominant driver of mobile traffic despite a 10.04% drop in September.
  • The iPhone remains the dominant handset, with 69.74% of all handset traffic.
  • Despite a decrease in the share of mobile traffic, the share of sales saw an increase from 22.37% in August to 23.05% in September.
  • Conversion rates across mobile devices were above desktop for the third month in a row. Mobile converted at 3.42% vs. 2.76% for desktop.
  • The iPad converted at 5.19% during September, while Android tablets were significantly lower at 2.74%.

While Affiliate Window’s report on “Monthly Mobile Stats” is based on their network and their own data and analysis, it’s certainly an indication of the current state of the mobile marketing industry, and reaffirms the trends that we’ve been hearing about. We’ve known for quite some time that mobile commerce was continually on the rise, especially when it comes to the iPhone and iPad, but we’ve also found that Android devices have been slowly but surely catching up. 
If you are curious about what’s going on in the mobile space, be sure to take a look at some more of our mobile stories, as well as Affiliate Window’s in-depth report for September 2013
This article was originally published by The Mail
Published: October 17, 2013

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